Temperature in Burma in November

November temperature in Burma

Best time to travel to Myanmar (Burma), including current weather conditions, temperatures and rainfall. Monthly average temperatures in Myanmar or Burma. Nov-Feb are the months that have the easiest and most comfortable weather to travel throughout Burma. Slight winds from the south-southwest. The temperatures in Myanmar can vary from place to place.

Burma Clima Climat and Meteorology

Much of Myanmar has a three-season tropic moon climate: Chilly - November to February is daytime mild to high temperature and the weather is relatively arid. Hottest - March to May is very fiery in most parts of the state. It is unlikely to rainy in the cold and hottest months of the year.

Rains - June to October is the rainy month with high precipitation. Precipitation can be stable over long period from June to August, especially on the Bengal Sea, in Yangon and the Irrawaddy Delta. September and October are less rainy and you will enjoy more of the sun.

It is the coolest period of the year, which is also the least damp and has the cleanest climate - but it is also the high seasons. When you can stand the sun and/or the rains, you will find it simpler (and often cheaper) to find a place to stay outside the cold seasons, and there will be fewer masses of people at favourite places.

Between February and the beginning of the wet seasons, much of the land (especially northern Yangon) can be cloudy and blurry, sometimes obstructing visibility. Burma is a large nation and the temperature can fluctuate greatly. Usually the temperature and air moisture in higher elevations fall; in the Chin state in the western and in parts of the Shan state in the eastern part the temperature can be near zero, in the Himalayas in the far northern part they can fall below zero.

The monsoon rain is most stubborn in Yangon and in the southern and western parts; in the middle of the land, around Mandalay and Bagan, the rainfall will be more intermittent in the wet seasons (and you are likely to see more sunshine). The following is a chart showing Yangon's mean temperature, relative air flow and solar time.

At generally high temperature in beloved places throughout the whole year, we recommend wearing for most of the year lighter garments made of fabric and canvas. Warm garments may be required for the evening, which can sometimes be a chill. Rain fall can occasionally occur even outside the wet seasons, so it is a good idea to wrap a coat in a soft one.

When traveling to higher elevations and further northerly, it is recommended to bring warm clothing, especially in the cooler seasons when the temperature can fall significantly. Latest news about connection in this fast-changing land.

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