Temperature in Bagan Myanmar

Bagan Myanmar temperature

In mid-December we will travel to the locations mentioned above. Thadingyut Full Moon Day is the Light Festival of Myanmar. The prevailing climate in New Bagan is known as the local steppe climate. The climate in Bagan is dry all year round. Temp - > Cloudiness - > Precipitation.

Mean daily and overnight temperature in Yangon, Bagan and Inle - Myanmar Message Board

We' ll travel to the locations listed in mid-December. As I know it rains very little at this time, but there are so many different temperature average values on different websites that we are not sure. Is it possible for someone who was there to give the estimated day and evening mean values?

And, at Inle, use some multi-layered clothes at nights, where they will give you a cover for the mornings. The thread has been discontinued due to apathy. If we do not comply with our policies, we will delete any postings and we retain the right to delete postings for any cause.

Inle Lake - Myanmar Forum

I' m going to visit Inle Lake in mid-October and want to know the temperature there so I know what clothing I should have. 25 to 32 a morning and 18 to 22 at nights these nights, still once or twice a full working week, but not hard.

How is the temperature from the end of December to the beginning of January? Was it raining? During my visit during this time I had no rains and it was usually nice and sunshiny during the afternoon, but cool at nights and early-morning. In December/January at 21°C, my hotel gave us hot-water bottle and the local people are clad like woolly teddies in the early morning hours, giving an intermediate high with a few showering ups.

I am 8-12 at midnight and 20-24 in the daytime in December-Jan because early colder this October and still some rains this months. I' m going to need some hot clothing. 2 Definitely be sure to wear hot clothing. If you are on the water in a sailboat with the winds on your face in the early morning it will be quite chilly.

There were a few plies of softece etc. that I took off after sunrise and it became warmer. I was in the city last year, not at the water. but some of the natives were dressed and wore cloaks, maybe they lived in cooler areas in the hills or used to get up etc. I don't know if it was freezing in the morning.

Outside on the barge we were well, one afternoons it rained a little, but we were in the doorways and it went away after maybe an hours. A jump override and a watertight one probably wouldn't give you all you need. In Southeast Asia they are very susceptible to low temperatures, my Cambodian & Lao buddies wear jackets in the mornings when I only need a T-shirt.

The month of October is still warm, but it can get quite chilly in the winters, when you are in Kalaw it can freeze (was 3 degree Celsius when I was there in December last year!). I' ve just got back from Inle Lake and made the 630 o'clock in the morning. You' ll only need a lightweight raincoat for a while.

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