Find out more about Tempe, AZ events, activities, restaurants and hotels. bc/cp="mw-headline" id="History">Geschichte[edit]>> Located in Tempe in Maricopa County, Arizona. The Tempe (TEM'-pee;[4]Oidba? in O'odham), also known as Hayden's Ferry during the territory days of Arizona, is a town located in Maricopa County, Arizona, United States, with the Census Bureau, which reports a total of 185,038 inhabitants.

3 ] The name of the town comes from the valley of Tempe in Greece.

The Tempe is situated in the eastern valley of the metropolis Phoenix and borders Phoenix and Guadalupe to the westerly side, Scottsdale to the northerly side, Chandler to the southerly side and Mesa to the eastern side. The Arizona State University headquarters is also in Tempe. Temple between 1870 and 1880.

Fortress McDowell was founded in 1865 about 40 km north-east of the present city centre of Tempe on the top Salt river, enabling new cities to be constructed further down the Salt stream. U.S. soldiers and Hispanics were recruited to cultivate groceries and pet supplies for the fortress, and less than a year later they had erected small encampments near the stream, which were the first standing settlements in the valley after the Hohokam was over.

The two colonies were'Hayden's Ferry', called after a boat trip by Charles T. Hayden, and'San Pablo', and were situated just westward and eastward of Hayden Butte. It became the most important crossroad in the region. Tempe Irrigating Canal Company was soon founded by William Kirkland and James McKinney to supply lucerne, grain, barley, oat and cottons.

Commencing in 1885, the thirteenth Arizona Territorial Legislative Tempe elected the Territorial Normal School, which became Arizona Normal School, Arizona State Teachers College, Arizona State College and eventually Arizona State University. Constructed in 1887, the Maricopa and Phoenix Railway traversed the salt river near Tempe and connected the city with the country's expanding transport system.

Tempe Land and Improvement Company was founded to market land in this thriving cityscape. The Tempe became an economical turntable for the area. It was founded in 1894. Former President Theodore Roosevelt welcomed the achievements of the peoples of the region on his way to the inauguration of the hydroelectric power plant and foretold that their respective centres would be wealthy states.

Fewer than a year later, Arizona was registered as the twelfth state, and the Salt River Valley developed further. During the twentieth and twenty-first century, Tempe developed into a Phoenix outskirts and a centre of training and trade. The Tempe hosts several great locations, among them the Gammage Auditorium and the Tempe Centre for the Arts.

The Tempe Town Lake is home to many domestic and overseas venues including Ironman Arizona and Rock n Roll Marathon. Tempe is also the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim's summer practice town. The State Farm is one of the top employer in Tempe, with a local college on Tempe Town Lake.

Tempe's comprehensive 2016 annual financial report[11] states that the best places to work in the town are: 2016: The Tempe is serviced by several schools precincts. The majority of Tempe is located within the Tempe Elementary and Tempe Union High schools district; other parts are serviced by the Kyrene Unified schools district (K-8), Scottsdale Unified schools district (K-12) and Mesa Public Schools (K-12).

The James Madison Preparatory School and Tempe Preparatory Academy are also in the area. It also includes one of the three largest colleges in the state, Arizona State University, the Maricopa County Community College District administration office and the Rio Salado Community College seat. It is also home to several vocational colleges, such as the University of Phoenix, Brookline College, Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, Bryan University and Lamson Junior College.

Hayden Butte's down town tempe. In the 2010 survey, 161,719 persons, 63,602 homes and 33,645 couples lived in the town. Its racist composition was 77. There were 19 persons in the town. There was a media revenue of 42,361 dollars for a budget in the town and 55,237 dollars for a group.

Per capita incomes of the town were 22,406 dollars. The nightly air photo shows Tempe as the small "neck" between the large Phoenix area (left) and the smaller Mesa/Gilbert/Chandler area (right). The Tempe is an inner suburbs, situated between the centre of Phoenix and the remainder of the East Valley.

For this reason, Tempe not only has the Arizona State University core Campus, but also a fairly tight, urbanised design in the north part of the town with a sprawling urbanscape. Inside Tempe are the Tempe Buttes. Westerly, the Salt River flows through the north part of Tempe; part of the stream is impounded at two points to form Tempe Town Lake.

The United States Census Bureau reports that the inner town has a surface area of 40. Tempe borders Mesa to theheast, Scottsdale to the N, Phoenix and Guadalupe to the N, and Chandler to the S... All in all, the area is 0.32% with Tempe Town Lake included.

The Tempe is generally shallow, with the exception of Hayden Butte (commonly known as A-Mountain for the Arizona State University "A" emblem on the southern side), next to the Sun Devil Stadium, Twin Buttes and Bell Butte on the west side of Tempe and Papago Park north-west of Tempe, within Phoenix. Altitudes range from 1,140 ft (350m) at Tempe Town Lake to 1,495 ft (456m) at Hayden Butte. with: section.

In the 80s and 1990s Tempe was enjoying a flourishing alternate musical life and produced bands such as Gin Blossoms, Meat Puppets, Dead Hot Workshop, The Refreshments, Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, Hans Olson and The Maine. KJZZZZ, an NPR ward, is in Tempe at Rio Salado College. The only such broadcasting in the Phoenix region is provided by our members.

There is also Sun Sounds, a wireless transmitter for the visually impaired. The East Valley Tribune, a printed paper, has office in Tempe. Collegiate Times, a week-long amusement magazine that serves the Phoenix Metro area and 20 Maricopa County colleges, inclusively Arizona State university. MILLE Ave is a renowned Arizona neighborhood with several student friendly pubs and dining establishments.

In addition to pubs and diners, there are also commercial premises and universities. Both the Arizona State Universities Sun Devils are competing in soccer, basketball, ball games, as well as a number of other sports in the Pac-12 Conference of the NCAA. Her next competitor is the Universiy of Arizona Wildcats in Tucson. Sun Devil Stadium organized the yearly Fiesta Bowl until the 2007 match relocated to the new Glendale stadium at the same time.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim have their season practice at Tempe Diablo Stadium. The Tempe Diablo Stadium was constructed in 1968 and can accommodate 9,785 spectators. The Tempe is home to many outside pursuits. The Tempe Town Shores is a public access water reservoir operated by the city of Tempe. Tempe estimates that 2. 7 million visitors came to the site in 2013.

In Tempe the yearly Ironman Triathlon will take place at the end of November. One of the most populous towns in the country, Tempe is a hub for the region's major municipalities. The system that surrounds Tempe includes Interstate 10 near the westerly boundary that crosses the Broadway curve, Loop 202 that crosses the north side, Loop 101 that follows the easterly boundary, and U.S. Route 60 that runs eastwards and westwards through the geographical centre of the town.

The Valley Metro system runs buses and the Valley Metro Rail System, which runs on Downtown Tempe and Arizona State University and services Phoenix and Mesa. Tempe City runs a free neighbourhood circulation system known as Orbit with five free shuttles near Arizona State University, which run regularly seven nights a day a week.

22 ] Three more FLASH (Free Local Area Shuttle) run around the campus in North-Tempe. The inhabitants and commuers of Tempe use large amounts of local transport, and the services are provided more frequently than elsewhere in the country. The majority of Tempe busses provide a 15-minute bus ride during peak hours and a 30-minute bus ride for the remainder of the year.

Situated 2 mile (.2 km) north-west of Tempe, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport provides comprehensive flight connections to points throughout North America and to London, England and various Hawaiian towns. The Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport is situated in Mesa and provides flight connections to many other locations. Councilmen:

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