Tell me what the Fox says

You tell me what the Fox says.

Doing this means summoning the bloodthirsty demons of the past. The lyrics (see below) become creative and somehow crazy with their answers. It is sometimes used to express ideas or tell a story.

The Fox, what does he say? "I' m stealing your soul," to start with -

in a goddamn musical videotape of everything. The Fox, what does he say? I' m here to tell you that if they had listened to what the Fox said, they'd never ask that. I' ll buy you a pint and tell you more. It'?s important to be sage here, or they'll never hear you again.

That'?s what mustaches mean. Here, too, there are several hundred thousand species of hardy harp seal - yes, even bad, as you can tell by the fact that they are roaring like hunger. I' ve listened to many stories of them tearing unfortunate sightseeers and bird watchers from member to member and throwing their dead body into the stomping surge.

What, do you like to mammal? You' ve probably recognized it by my freight trousers and my hot Leica-Scope on the footstool next to me. Used to spend 15 and a half hours wiping the back of my freight trousers on a well-dimensioned chick sock to get rid of some of it. The Fox, what does he say?

He says he wants to nibble and nibble on your souls with his pintooth and then shit on it. When I came home from the bar one evening, I took a break between the ship barrels that can be seen across the street at the Salzlagune. I had barely put my weary mind on my hands when I could hear it.

eyescream, said the fox. COUGH FOAM COUGH FOAM COUGH FOAM COUGH FOAM COUGH FOAM COUGH FOAM COUGH FOAM COUGH FOAM COUGH FOAM COUGH FOAM COUGH FOAM COUGH FOAM*. *COUGHING FOAM COUGH FOAM*. You know what then? Thanks to Ram Papish (from whom I have stolen most of the crap and scathing stories), Ryan Mong (from whom I have stolen "chocolate bears" and a crap story) and Brady Deal (from whom I have stolen the snarling fox video) for splitting their fox meetings, and to the fox, who chose not to murder me when I was sleeping a little too near their puppies the other evening between the transporters.

Photographs, fox cough cream and fake seals videos by the creator.

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