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You can access it via the websites and, which are adapted for faster loading without photos.

Wikipedia Zero gives Myanmar free access to the world's knowledge. In your zero, replace the above values with values in any of the following settings for alternative Telenor settings that may be compatible with your device. Next year Myanmar will receive free mobile Wikipedia access via Telenor. Myanmar has signed up for the facial book Zero and Wikipedia Zero and gives Telenor users unrestricted free access to these pages.

Wikipedia free for Telenor clients

Following a series of free of charge features such as Mosquito Andorid and WAP portal Mosquito, Telenor gave its clients free entry to Wikipedia. Telenor has given them free entry to one of the biggest knowledgebases - Wikipedia - following the needs of clients who use the web more and more to find the information they need.

The free Wikipedia free of charge accessible to all web browsers, cell phone or tablets, makes it easy for those who move around a great deal to find the information they need. It can be accessed via the and websites, which are adapted for quicker image-load.

The Wikipedia is one of the biggest and most progressive online community with more than 22 million items in 285 different language versions and currently more than 300 million users worldwid. Wikipedia is the first in Europe to offer its clients free entry to Telenor.

Cutting-edge employment practices in 2013

As a stepping stone into the world of work, the Telenor Open Mind Program provides opportunities for those with limited physical capacity, intellectual disability, impaired vision or hard of hearing to get into the work place and acquire the necessary skill sets and experiences to be at work. Telenor Open Mind Program lasts two years.

During the first three month of the program, students attend computer courses and a course that builds soft-skilling for the work place, including interviewing, interaction with colleagues/counsellors, and self-image as a resourcec. The first three month will give students the self-assurance they need to get involved in the workspace.

Over the next 21 month, they will do an internship in Telenor in an area of interest to them, where they can gather practical experiences. This program has been on for 16 years. As a rule, the program attendees are high-school graduates and highly committed to finding a job. Although it is a great challenge for Telenor to meet the variety of attendees, the committed leadership group is open to the needs of the attendees and allows them to succeed in the workspace.

By succeeding in a sensible job, the attendees are thankful for the two-year study phase in order to build trust and practical work. The Telenor Open Mind program follows a win-win-win-win program that is beneficial to attendees, the organization and society: attendees gather invaluable experiences, Telenor gets good work and enhances variety, and the community profits from greater work-sharing.

It was launched in Norway and has since been successfully implemented in Sweden and Pakistan.

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