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Enable your customers to pay for digital content on their Telenor phone bill. Myanmar will receive free mobile Wikipedia access via Telenor next year. Telenor Digital's Stig-Erland is one of the classic cars that has worked on many different projects that require both front-end and back-end capabilities. Picture courtesy of VerTego and Wikipedia. Please find photos related to Telenor Wikipedia here.

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Telenor's juvenile cell phoneplan is referred to as one of the most popular juvenile cellphones. Currently available in Bangladesh, Montenegro and Pakistan. It was available in Sweden, Norway, Malaysia, New Zealand, Thailand, Ukraine and Hungary. Its website says it has almost 12 million users worldwide, making it the second biggest teen operating company in the global market. In 2003 it was introduced in Norway and Hungary, in 2004 in Ukraine, in 2005 in Bangladesh, in 2006 in Pakistan and in 2008 in Montenegro.

Kyivstar, the Ukraine's leading provider of wireless services, discontinued its offer under the "djuice" trademark in October 2013 and pointed out the need to standardize all its trademarks. The Telenor Group of Pakistan founded the company in October 2006. This is the second biggest Pakistani public transport system. Grameenphone established the company in Bangladesh on 14 April 2005.

April 14, 2007 saw Bangladesh discard its old hide to present its new identities, which is part of the global re-branding processes of the company. Bangladesh has launched a show of talents named dRockstars, which is searching the land for a skirt group.

The Telenor Wikipedia Zero Alliance will offer free wireless Wikipedia in Myanmar.

The Wikipedia founders Jimmy Wales and Telenor CEO Jon Fredrik Baksaas at the ceremony. The Wikipedia founding director Jimmy Wales was in Oslo today to celebrate the deal with Telenor President and CEO Jon Fredrik Baksaas. Telenor was one of two prosperous telecom licence applications in Myanmar on June 27, 2013.

Through the new handheld competitive environment, the state will receive better networking services, Internet-enabled telephones and lower pricing for the use of the wireless web. That' s a big thing, because Myanmar currently has one of the lower wireless coverage levels in the whole wide globe, less than 10 per cent - only North Korea and Eritrea have lower coverage levels.

Myanmar's government's declared goal is to raise cellular phone coverage to 80 per cent over the next three years (total cellular coverage is expected to be around one per cent). A further 40 million will receive a portable and many of them will be put on the web for the first of all. The expansion of the relationship gives Telenor Myanmar's prospective wireless customers free use of Wikipedia's extensive KB.

They can also put their voice free into Wikipedia. Nowadays, some use Wikipedia in Myanmar, especially in English, but its use is not well known. Eliminating the barrier to Myanmar people's accessing Wikipedia is an important milestone towards our objective of making the entire body of mankind's information accessible to all.

We are pleased to see the advantages of this new relationship.

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