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Charging Telenor Myanmar Code

The Telenor offers three flexible charging channels for different customers with different accessibility. Bitcoin allows you to instantly top up prepaid SIM cards from Telenor Myanmar. With MyTelenor you have everything under control. Charge your own Telenor phone or a friend's phone quickly and securely. Have Recharge sent to Telenor Myanmar.

Charging | Telenor Myanmar

The Telenor range includes three recharging ports for different clients with different levels of access. We offer voucher recharging, electronic recharging via Telenor POS and other payment methods. Receive your Recharge Coupon voucher of 1000 MMK, 3000 MMK, 5000 MMK & 10000 MMK as required. They can also charge in multiple of 1000 to E-Load from any Telenor Point of Sale.

Electro-charging from 1,000 MMK to 10,000 MMK possible. Customers can charge via these methods of paying, such as Wave Money, Red Dot and Mobile Banking Apps.

My Telenor App | Telenor Myanmar

The Telenor iPhone is a useful tool for Telenor Myanmar applications clients that provides simple and experienced accessing Telenor products, and more. The latest release introduces a Balancing Verification Gadget to allow you to play this gadget on your home monitor and log in on both 3G and Wi-Fi.

Our new and enhanced MyTelenor release allows you to use our Daily Use feature, which allows you to keep an eye on your use and make adjustments for certain service charges such as calling, texting and information for today and then. You can also take advantage of the most comfortable recharging ever with the now available MPPayment and our new, groundbreaking QR code scanner for scanning recharging maps.

Being a Telenor Myanmar customer is the best way to check your balance and find new items and more. Just reinstall MeTelenor and log in with your Connect ID - your Telenor Myanmar number.

Telenor Myanmar

During the promotion season, the customers who top up with 1,000 MMK and more (without Magic Recharge 6,000 Ks) via E-Load on a Wednesday during the promotion get an extra discount. You can use this feature for Onnet phone call, Onnet SMS and PayAsYouGo on-premises.

Bonuses are available for 3 working nights. Bonuses are available for 3 consecutive business hours and can only be used for Onnet phone conversations, Onnet SMS and PayAsYouGo information. You cannot use this feature for other purposes such as packing subscription, VAS subscription, balancing transfers and Kyo Thone.

Customers get an additional call duration discount if they are charged with 1,000 MMK and more via e-load on Wednesday. Customers can top up several charges within the campaign and the additional call timings (Easy Bill Bonus) are topped up. Does the client get the Easybill discount for all reloads?

No, this offer is only valid for E-Load recharges from 1000 MMK every Wednesday from February 1, 2017 (until further notice). Do clients get the same Easybill rebate for all e-load recharges? No. Clients will get the following E-Load reload on Wednesday.

Does the client get an easybill refill reload rebate every single weekday? No. The client only receives an E-bill rebate for every E-Load charge of 1000 MMK and more every Wednesday from February 1, 2017. How valid is the Easybill discount?

Redemption is valid for 3 consecutive trading hours from the date of refill during the promotional time. Remember that clients will get the discount on every 1000 MMK or more e-load charge made only on every Wednesday of each and every weeks during the promotional time. Can post-paid subscribers top up and get the Easybill rebate?

Note: This offer is only available for pre-paid subscribers who make an e-load of 1000 MMK or more. What can a client do to verify credit for the discount? Clients can verify the discount credit by dialling *124*1#. May I use the Easybill discount for all my work?

Only Onnet PayGoVo, Onnet PayGo SMS and PayGo Direct PayOnly. Bonuses cannot be used for any service other than those listed above. Bonuses cannot be used for all types of voicemail or packet subscription, VAS service, KyoThone (ECB) and Balance Transfer.

When clients wish to use other service, fees are calculated according to their actual pricing plan and subtracted from their primary bank overdrafts. What if I have Kyo Thone funds before I make an e-load charge, what amount will be withdrawn when I make a call?

It' taken off the easybill-deduction. Customers can top up Red-Dot, POS and online banking (CB Bank, AYA Bank, KBZ Bank, MAB Bank & Yoma Bank) at any CoCo, FoFo, E-Load topping up. They can be recharged via E-Load to get the advantages. I' ve loaded 3,000 kyats with red dot, but I haven't received a bonuses.

Red-Dot E-Load recharging is entitled to receive the rebate.

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