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In Mandalay, MPT is also conducting a Fiber-to-the-Home test and plans to conduct a similar test in Yangon. We have always assumed the emergence of a fourth operator in our business plans. Choose the type of plan you are using and then select the country you will be visiting. View all Telenor prepaid plans with mass market appeal! Myanmar's vision as Petter Furberg.

Introducing the most compelling 90-day roll-over datapackets

Myanmar Limited ("Telenor") has introduced the most appealing packet of information - the "package" - that allows the user to extend their idle information and benefit for 90-day. The' package' is provided in 300MB at 999 kya to 120GB at 99,999 kya with 30 day expiration. Packaged " available from February 2 includes free information for Facebook, Viber and BeeTalk as well as free Telenor to Telenor SMS and free disk space on Telenor Capture for storing your pictures and video.

"Parcel's unique feature is that it provides our clients with a roll-over options. The period of expiry is 30 working nights, but the rest of the services are 90 working nights from the first date of the membership. This enables the customer to benefit even more after the next sale. After the package expires, clients can only take advantage of the rest of the package for the next 30-day period.

Facebook, Viberand BeeTalk transmissions are not permitted for speech calling and videocommunication via these online communities. By default, the customer is charged 25 kyats per minutes or 15 kyats per SMS for normal speech and text message use. Clients can activate'Package' by dialling *979*2*7# or via MyTelenor App or SMS.

In order to receive preferential subscription via text message, clients can send DPXS, DPS, DPM, DPL, DPXL, DP2XL and DP3XL to 500. Package deals will be available alongside Telenor's current schemes, which include the "Super Double" Smart Internet month pack. Super Pwarcustomers allow Telenor's Smart Internet with 8 Kyat/MB and 18 Kyat/min to other Telenor numbers and 25 Kyat/min to non-Telenor numbers, all other calling charges (such as text messages, phone and roaming ) and value added service (Balance Transfers, KyoThone and MY Tune) will not change.

Telenor's Smart Internet Rate of 8 Kyat/MB will remain available in the base rates.

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