Telenor Myanmar Internet Package

Myanmar Telenor Internet Package

Data SuBoo packs with a unique ingredient have been updated by Telenor. You said in the past that everyone in Myanmar who wants a SIM card already has one. APN settings and MMS settings for the Telenor mobile network in Myanmar or Burma. There are two pay-as-you-use Internet rates: Re-buy you can buy the previous data package again.

Myanmar's cheapest Facebook package | Telenor Myanmar

Telenor Myanmar offers 190 MB of Facebook traffic for 199 MMK (including VAT), per business year. Telenor Myanmar offers 950 MB of Facebook access for 999 MMK (including VAT), available for one additional weeks. Telenor Myanmar offers 2,850 MB of Facebook access for 2,999 MMK (including VAT), per year.

The package expires on the date of the 23:59:59h. The package is not valid for VIP phone use. Facebook Voice over IP is billed from the customer's primary bank balances at the default tariff in the customer's pricing schedule. Where can I sign up for Facebook Packages? - Any customer can sign up for the Facebook Package by texting'FB199' to 500 or dialling *4021#.

  • Clients can sign up for the Weekly Facebook Pack by texting'FB999' to 500 or dialling *4022#. Can Facebook packages be used by both pre-paid and post-paid people? No. These packages are only available for pre-paid subscribers. When the client purchases "Weekly Facebook Pack" twice, is the package validated?

Yes, the package expiration for Weekly Facebook Pack is stack. If, for example, a client purchases a Weekly Facebook Pack twice on the same date, they receive 380MB and will be valid for 14 working nights from the first date of activating (instead of 7 days). How valid are Facebook packages?

Daily Facebook package is valid for one full working full year. Weekly Facebook package is valid for one week (7 days). Facebook use is billed according to the regular payment tariff in the customer's pricing schedule. How fast is the Weekly Facebook Pak? Weekly Facebook is up to 2 Mbit/s.

When a Weekly Facebook pack member also has an Internet package, how is the client billed for their Facebook use? First the Weekly Facebook and then the Internet packages will be invoiced to the client. How is the client billed if the client uses an outside connection via Facebook?

In the case of each Facebook page, the client will first be billed for the packet if he has a packet. Otherwise, the system calculates the pricing for the outside connection according to the default payout tariff on the customer's pricing schedule. Is Facebook pack also valid for Facebook calling? No. Facebook Voice over IP calling is first billed from the customer's packet if the client has a packet.

If not, it will be debited from the customer's master bank statement according to the default payment record on the customer's pricing schedule. Is Facebook Pack already including the taxes?

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