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Toelenor Myanmar is a telecommunications company in Myanmar. Gain access to Facebook, Twitter & WhatsApp for the whole day and experience the best Internet services. A simple guide to our new mobile Internet packages. There is no need to make settings manually to use MMS, WAP and mobile Internet on your mobile phone, as you receive them automatically and free of charge via SMS. In Myanmar, Telenor shared Myanmar's video.

Telenor Myanmar | Better Data Suboo Plan

There is nowhere better to meet the needs of our clients than this! Take the opportunity to include the remaining information from past packages in the new one! In contrast to existing Telenor maps, Telenor clients no longer need to purchase new packages within 7 working hours.

Purchase a new datapackage at any given moment and include the rest of the information from earlier packages! Make the most of your download! This way you keep your unusable data: This better bundle, if you buy 2GB and only use 1GB, will include the 1GB left in the new bundle when the next SuBoo Bundle is purchased during runtime.

No expiration date for the rest of the 1GB files to verify your file. Please refer to the chart below for the rates and the amount of information. Click'Subscribe Now' to get the map or you can buy it from MyTelenor App. - With the expired package, the client will not be able to take advantage of the rest of the package until he buys a new package.

  • As long as all services are used up before they are valid, it is considered a new package if you renew your subscription. - If you purchase several packages within the expiration date, the package is valid for the last package you bought. First of all, what is it? SuBoo is a specific package that provides an Internet package.

Package is 30-day. While the package is 30 day long, the remainder of the service is still available until the next reload date. On the next sale, the remainder of the advantage will be prolonged and the client may not only take advantage of the package advantage but also the remainder of the preceding one.

Describes the available upgrades of this new version of DaTuBoo and subscriptions codes modes. Datapacks are upgraded with new datasets and prices: 17.749 MMK11 D Why have these new upgrades (prices, offers) been made to Datapacks? Telenor has been able to offer promotional packages of SuBoo products for a short period of the year and now we are happy to update the packages to meet the needs of Telenor customers.

Delivering accessible service and the best customer experiences have always been Telenor's top priorities, and we will keep launching new and exciting offerings. So what's the promotional time frame for this new updater named Dada Suboo? Where can I sign up for these new updates from? The packages can be subscribed via SMS, USSD or MyTelenor app.

AppAll Data Suboo packsUnder Back => back Menu How can I subscription to Data Subooacks? Old Data SuBoo will be discontinued and can no longer be subscribed from October 31, 2017 (midnight 11:59 pm), but customers can sign up for new Data SuBoo update packages that will be introduced on November 1, 2017.

How does the client purchase the new Data SuBoo updates while still having credit from old updates? For example, if the client purchased the old Data SuBoo 5GB package on October 25, 2017, the package is valid until November 24, 2017, and if the client purchased the new Data SuBoo 4GB upgrade on November 1, 2017, the advantages are piled up to 9GB (4GB + 5GB Prior package) and the expiration date is 30 day from November 1, 2017.

When the client buys the Data SuBoo packages that expire on November 24, 2017, what happens to the remainder of the Data SuBoo credit after the launch of the new upgraded offerings? Customers can continue to benefit from their current Data SuBoo package until the end of its term.

Is it possible to register more than once within the term of the contract? Yes, multi-subscription is permitted and the subscription is valid for 30 additional working day from the last date of sale. If I used up the package before it was valid, what was it? When all services are used up before they are valid, there is no rollover to the next order.

What can I do to verify my Databoo equilibrium and scroll over the same? To verify your advanced credit (Internet packages and other benefits), dial *9124#. Is it possible to buy it? No, it'?s prepaid customers only. Are the stated rates per part of the dataset including or excluding VAT?

Will there be a modification of the Data SuBoo Package expiration date? No. The package's expiration date remains unchanged. This package is valid for 30 nights and is only extended for a 7-day extension to the subscription's SIM card. How is the difference between expiration and expiration?

This is the unique feature of this Data SuBoo. If the client has bought one of the packages, it can be used for 30 day from the date of the pass. The expiry date is 30 working nights, but the remainder remains in effect until the activation of the SIM.

You can reuse the remainder if the client buys a SuBoo package at a certain point in the year. In the event that the Client has purchased other packages (e.g. the daily packet, weekend data) and also purchased SuBoo packages together, the Client will be billed - first from the monthly packet - and then from the monthly one. The discount from the monthly packet will continue after all other available packages have been used up completely.

Others such as Balance Transfers, Kyo Thone, My Tune etc. will not be changed. Which is the Suboo switch? Over a 7-day term, we increase the role to the amount of elapsed working hours of the customer's SIM card.

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