Telenor Internet Packages in Myanmar

Myanmar Telenor Internet Packages

So I started using Telenor. I like Telenor for calling. And it doesn't cost much to use the Internet. And I like his Super Owl package. Keep up to date with our news!

Introducing the lowest Internet priceplan

Myanmar Telenor last weekend unveiled a new Internet retail priceplan for Myanmar's high-volume consumers. Telenor's'My Internet' schedule is calculated at a cost of K5 per MB compared to the current cost of K6 per MB. Telenor's "Smart Internet" schedule - with rates of up to 2 Mbit/s - is now calculated at K6 per MB compared to the current K10 per MB rate.

K500 charges 110 Mbyte per week and K1,900 for 500 Mbytes per month for the "My Internet" schedule. Two" Smart Internet" maps are available with a price of K6,600 for 1,250 Mbytes and 11,900 for 2,400 Mbytes. The" My Internet" schedule is pre-activated for all SIMs and available to all clients when they launch the Telenor services.

In order to enable the'Smart Internet' schedule, clients must send an SMS "smart" to 500. "Myanmar's telecommunications industry is developing at a rapid pace, and we expect about 65 per cent of Myanmar's telecommunications subscriber population to have mobile phones. There are 65% of our own 6.4 million customer community of 65% dataconsumers and nearly 60% of our own smartcard users," said Petter Furberg, CEO of Telenor.

Currently, Telenor offers wireless communications in ten territories and states - Mandalay, Yangon, Sagaing, Bago, Magway, Ayeyarwaddy, Kayin, Mon, Kachin and Naypyitaw. It has recently made announcements of planned expanses to Shan, Kayah and Thanintharyi. Telenor currently has over 2,000 spires across the country and anticipates between 3,000 and 4,000 spires to be installed by the end of 2015.

Telenor has extended its Telenor community to approximately 50 per cent of Myanmar's township and people. in Yangon we quintupled the number of turrets from 348 in October last year to over 700, while in Mandalay we have now switched on 345 turrets, from 70 at the time of the start in September 2014.

"In February, we also opened a fiber optic connection to Thailand, which further improves our wireless connection," Furberg added.

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