Takiz Makina Sanayi Tek-Iz, established in 1948 as a small company and now in its third generations, began serving the local print industries in the early years of 1985 and has continued to gain significant expertise, know-how and widespread adoption among screenprinters. Nowadays, the Turkish market leadership in the manufacture of graphics and silk screening presses offers the widest variety of products in its area. Silk frame preparation plants (pneumatic silk frame stretcher, automated die coating machine, dry kilns, copy machine, image setting system for large sieves and silk developing cabinets), manually, semi-matically,  automated silk frame preparation plants, µ. ¾ automatic machines and lines, reprinting plants such as high lift trucks, magazines as well as coupling/single µÄ UV curative units, heated air, infrared (IR) and combinated UV-tunnel are all standard products of Tek-Iz.

Technique machinery

Converting of bottling, capping, labelling and packaging machinery in the fields of aerosols, cosmetics, chemicals and food. Fully-automated air filler with simple operation. Fully-automated air filler, fluid fill container supply device, the device comprises shut-off valves and gaseous fill. Ink jet encoding on demand Unity - tip drive - the disc thrower in the cover and cartridge can be added.

Operating weight 8 kg / cm 3 Max. production capacity 70 Ad. Max. capacity 1600 cm 3 throttle Max. capacity 600 cm conveyor belt Motor power 0.5 HP - 2 380 volts 2800 Total power/hour. Fully-automated perfumery bottling machines description: Automated perfumery bottling machines, glas and rigid plastic, all types of fluid fill.

No different shapes required for fragrance flasks in certain areas. Automated perfumery bottling line with high output and simple operation. Max. output 2500 ad.

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