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The Tehachapi is a town in the heart of County, California, in the Tehachapi Mountains, at an altitude of 1,210 m[6] between the San Joaquin Valley and the Mojave Desert. The Tehachapi is 35m ('56km) from Bakersfield,[9] and 20m ('32km) from Mojave. The United States Census Bureau reports that the town has a 10.

The Tehachapi area is known for the Tehachapi Loop (a favourite railway fishing area), the Tehachapi Pass Wind Farm, the Indian Point Ostrich Farm, the Tomo-Kahni State Historic Park and the Tomi-Kahni Resource Center (Native American),[10] and outstanding flying condition.

The National Chavez Center[11], founded to divide the heritage of Cesar Chavez, is located ten leagues westwards of Keene. Tehachapi State prison, also known as Tehachapi State Prison, is located in the area, as is Edwards Air Force Base (40 mile (. 64 km) to the east).

at the beginning of the 1870s in Tehichipa, was relocated to Tehachapi in 1900 and is today a Norwegian Parliament. It is also on the list of the NRHP. Kawaiisu folk (also Nuwu ("people" in Kawaiisu), or Nuooah) is the Indian nation whose home was the Tehachapi valley, and in season the south Sierra Nevada and Mojave desert, for millennia.

Tehachapi was ravaged by a 7 gauge on 21 July 1952. In the 2010 survey, there were 14,414, compared to 10,957 in the 2000 one. In the 2010 United States Census[17] it was said that Tehachapi had 14,414 inhabitants and a total of 1,445. Tehachapi's race composition was 9,426 (65. 4%) white, 1,297 (9. 0%) Afro-American, 206 (1. 4%) Indian, 238 (1. 7%) Asian, 21 (0. 1%) Pacific Islander, 2,725 (18. 9%) from other breeds and 501 (3. 5%) from two or more breeds.

A census showed that 8,487 persons (58.9% of the population) were living in homes, 6 (0%) in non-institutionalised group accommodation and 5,921 (41.1%) were institutionalised. There were 2,599 persons (18.0%) under 18 years of age, 1,542 persons (10.7%) between 18 and 24 years of age and 5,891 persons (40).

4,913 persons (34.1% of the population) live in condominiums and 3,574 persons (24.8%) in rented apartments. According to the 2000 census[18], 10,957 persons, 2,533 homes and 1,709 couples live in the town. It has a total of 1,144 inhabitants. There are 57 races in the town.

Hispanics or Latinos of all races make up 70% of the world. The Tehachapi has a sub-tropical mediterranian atmosphere (Köppen Csa). The Tehachapi is known for its four-year stay. Tehachapi city centre is about 24 km from White Wolf Fault, 10 km from Garlock Fault and 50 km from San Andreas Fault.

BeeKay Theatre is a historical theatre that was transformed into a living theatre for the Tehachapi Municipal Theatre in 2008. The Tehachapi has a flourishing and expanding bicycle village for mountaineering and streetsports. Tehachapi Gran Fondo, a September race for the masses, was voted Best Century by Cycle CA for two years in a row. Cycle CA is one of the world's leading bicycle races.

24 ] The course covers various distances, the longest being about 160 km (100 miles) and 2,100 meters (7,000 feet) climb through windparks, kitchen gardens, fruit gardens and hills. It has several regional newspapers, among them Tehachapi Newspaper ("Tehachapi News" since 1899) and The Loop. Endurance, a teens' TV show shot by the Discovery Kids Network, was shot in Tehachapi and broadcast from 2005-2006.

Mac and Me (1988), after the protagonists explained that they "have to go to Woolworth's in Palmdale," the next photo shows them going up a field path through a Tehachapi land. Little Feat's Lowell George refers to "Tehachapi to Tonopah" in their hits. Skip up ^ "California Cities by Incorporation Date".

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