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List of language information for Chin, Tedim. Townships Tedim and Tonzang; Sagaing region:

Lake Tedim & Rih Information

A secluded and enchanting mountain city in the southern Chinese state, Tedim (also called Tiddim) is profoundly religious, like much of this part of Myanmar, with many denominational and religious communities. While Christianity may be dominant, the Passian Monotheist cult has its own spirit home in Siangsawn Model Village, a captivating place on a hill in the northeast of Tedim.

Tedim has a number of eateries, guesthouses and hotel establishments along the highway that goes from west to west; one of the most favourite places to dine is the 528 Restaurant, which is serving a great pigfurry. Much of Tedim's attraction lies on the way there; the hill tributary route from Kalaymyo to Chin State is breathtaking and occupies a windswept place that provides a 360° view of the nearby summits and dales, known by some natives as'Wuthering Heights' (although the local people are not expected to know it by that name).

It is a two-and-a-half hour car ride westwards of Kalaymyo, five kilometers from the Tedim highway (the other leads southwards to Falam and Hakha); you will know that you are at the point where the panoramic highway opens on both sides, and there is a large metallic monument crucifix on the other.

There were many battles in these hills during World War II between the Japs and the Brits when they retreated from Burma in 1942, and only down the hill from the Wuthering Heights are the remnants of a nearby army post named Fort White; only a few tiles are still off the streets, but you will get a feeling for what it would have been like to be in such a secluded place.

Farther westward, behind Tedim, lies the famous Rih-See. Situated near the boundary of India about four hour's car ride from Tedim, it is unique in shape as a heartland, and the roads there and the mountains around it are spectacular (although the sea itself, with its slimy margins, can be a disappointment to those who go to the great trouble of the journey).

There is a lakefront guesthouse and can be found, but there are better food and lodging facilities in the neighbouring frontier city Khawmawi, where sometimes aliens can jump to India for a few lessons (but be aware that this is not an official frontier crossing).

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