Tedim Chin Language

The Tedim Chin Language

The Chinese, however, never call themselves Chin. China is a given word of the Burmese and British colonial masters. is a Kuki Chin language mainly spoken in Burma and India.

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The Kuki Chin language[2] has its origin in the northwest of Burma and is also used in Manipur in north-eastern India, where the name Zo is written. The name Zo ("the hill") and Mizoram ("folk mound ") shows that Zo is among the northerly Kucian tongues close related to the key Kucian tongues like Lushai or Mizo (Endonym in Lushai is Mizo ?awng), the principal language of Mizoram.

It' used in Chin State, Tiddim and the Chin Hills. Burmese has been increasingly used in the zoo-speaking Chinese state since the fifties. 9 ]Ethnologue reported that Zou is pronounced in the following Myanmar communities. Sociolinguistic situation in northeastern India. Encyclopedia of Northeast India: Your language is known as Zou, which is similar to the language of Paite.

In contrast to the Zou, the Paite have the final glotta stop'h'. As an example, a term for'good' is in Paite hih, while in the Zou language it turns into one. The Sannemla ( "Zou" folk songs) are also loved by the Paiten, although they are reproduced in their own dialects with their distinctive phonemetic variations.

Humans in India: Anthropologic overview of India by Seagull Books, p. 253. Encyclopedia of the Southern Asiatic Indigenous Forces - Vol. 8 - Page 3436 Satinder Kumar - 2000 "After the 1981 Zou language was spoken by 12,515 individuals ^ But against the backdrop of all these conflicts, the Zomi National Congress went one stage further in its case for a Zomi idendity by using the Thado language as the Zomi language.

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