Tedim Chin Dictionary

The Tedim Chin Dictionary

The TongDot.com English to Myanmar/Burma Chin/Zomi Online Dictionary. The Tiddim people of Myanmar and India speak Tedim Chin. Anglo-Zomi dictionary in Tedim Chin language, Bawltu: Sample sentences with "Tedim Chin", translation memory.

English Zomi Dictionary 2.0 Free Download

English Zomi dictionary in Tedim Chin language, Bawltu: Dr. Dal Lian Haokip, Hih undroid application dictionary hi a, click here to get your free dictionary hi a, click here to get it, click here..... Engllish-Zomi Dictionary is a free of charge reference tools dictionary from the Education group.

The English Zomi Dictionary (version 2.0) has a filesize of 3.04 Mbytes and can be accessed from our website. Simply click on the above icon to begin. So far the programme has been installed 420implementations. We' ve already verified that the downlaod is secure, but for your own safety, we suggest that you use your anti-virus to check the casino anti-virus on your computer.

This is the English Zomi Dictionary change log since it was published on our website on October 10, 2006. Please see below the changes in each version:

Nikonghong Dictionary App khaipi na Zo kam-English Dictionary online at " Nikonghong

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An application chanted ah Lai Zo (Falam) came, Lalkha came le Tedim came ki hel hi. The English-Chin Dictionary la in the Global Falam Youth Organization (GFYO) was published by Lai Zo. Dr. Van Bik ii came to the English-Chin Dictionary la in Zanghaa, Tedim came to the ZCLS ii came to the Zangha Christian Literature Society (ZCLS) ii came to the Zangha dictionary.

The Google Anroid app will be available on January 15, 2013 ni pant cipan ki zang t h ea, a wawt t hawk pi 2 sang with 3600 after downloading it in Chin WorldMedia te na soh. Google Playlist, Google Playlist, Google Play playlist, Chin Zomi Dictionary ahi bin go Laizo Falam Dictionary ci in ki zipong ihi.

Computers web site panel a en nowam te http://www.androidpit.com/en/android/market/apps/app/com.kp.zodic/English-Myanmar-Dictionary panel ki en thei hi.

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