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The Tedim Chin

The Kuki-Chin language, Tedim (Tiddim or Tedim Chin), is mainly spoken in Burma and India. A map showing where the language ChinTedim is spoken. Chin, Tedim language and dialect information. C A Tedim Chin Service.

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Tiddim, or Tedim, are an Myanmar national group. In general, they lived in the northern Chin state and are one of the three largest Chinese states. Speaking the local Tiddim Chin locale (locally known as Zo pau), which had about 345,000 voice talents in 1990. Tiddim are about 230,000 humans.

Approximately 70 per cent of the Tiddim are Christians, the rest are tribal faiths. This Bible was interpreted in Tiddim in 1983, although the New Testament was interpreted and released in Tiddim in 1932.

Chin, Tedim

State of chin: and Tonzang districts; Legaing region: The Kale and Mawlaik Cownships. Sookte, Kamhau (Kamhao, Kamhow). Zomi' can be Tedim or any Chin group. Assam, Manipur (south) and Mizoram (north). Sookte, Kamhau (Kamhao, Kamhow). Set up a free affiliate program to provide feedback on a specific market or a specific currency and be alerted when others do the same.

Chin, Tedim talk. Evangelisation instruments, congregation planning ressources, Christmas carols and audiobible-studies. Free MP3 downloads.

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