Tazaungdaing Light Festival

Dazaungdaing Light Festival

It' also known as the Festival of Lights. 2018 Tazaungdaing Light Festival in Myanmar Tazaungdaing Festival will take place in mid-November and mark the end of the wet seasons in Myanmar. It is thought to come from the Kattika Festival, which honors the guard planet in hinduist astronomy. The festival will feature colorful highlights on homes and townhouses. It' also a period of play, march, fireworks, street lamps and warm-balloon.

The majority of hot air baloons are made of bamboos and mulberries and contain burning candle. You can see their start by light as well as by moon. As an example, the daily ballons are in the shape of pagoda and animal, while the nights are giant, spherical or smaller, multi-coloured watercolours.

Heavenly sacrifices are considered airballs ( "balloons" for the Buddhist cosmologists Solamani Cetiya). It is also customary to give sacrifices or alms, to give respect to the elders and to go to a pagoda. The festival hosts nationwide contests for Monday morning monks' costumes, known as the Mattho Thingan: the participants spend two days producing these outfits.

During the festivities of the last days of the Tazaungdaing Light Festival you can often see locals walking through the street carrying lotuses or moving around the street with musical instrument and dance.

Guidebook to Myanmar's magical light festivals

Myanmar's largest and most important festival by far is Thingyan - a vast festival of several days that heralds the Buddhist New Year. There are also other festivities, such as the Light Festival of Thadingyut and Tazaungdaing. Much of Myanmar's most important holiday dates are from the Myanmar calender, which follows the lunar periods and sunshine hours of the year.

The three-day thiningyut is held on the full lunar day of the 7th of Burma calendars (usually early October) and is the end of Buddhist fast. It is a season for family to come together and commemorate Buddha's descend to heaven after Heavenly visit.

Towns all over the countryside shine especially in Thadingyut. A firework display randomly fired into the dark, interspersed with colourful chains of light, makes this second most beloved public day a wild pleasure. Natives and travellers are invited to discover shining roads and lighted coupons, all of which are lighted to remind them of an inviting path for Buddha's comeback to the humanity.

Think it lucky if the current fails in Yangon on the night of the full moon of Thadingyut. This event becomes even more dramatic when flashing electrical light is substituted by more conventional luminous candle lighting in roofs, on roofs, on verandas and even on the floor.

THADINGBYUT is a period of deliberate deference towards the oldest in the household and those with esteemed roles in Burma community, such as educators and leaders. It is common practice to get spending cash in return for respects and forgive. Tazaungmon Full Mondays, which take place in the 8th of Burma Libraries schedule (usually early November), marks the end of the Myanmar wet seasons and the beginning of a period in which new garments and offerings are offered in cloisters.

This also dates back to an act in which Buddha's mom was involved, in which she would spend all Nacht weave amber gowns for him as he stepped into his abandonment of the world. When you stay in Yangon for the Tazaungdaing Festival, it is definitely a good idea to get caught in the Shwedagon Pagoda.

But if the witness of one of the weirdest and probably most perilous meetings in Myanmar is more attractive, visit Taunggyi in Shan state for its famed candlelight hotshots. Those seeking thrills should be careful at the "Fire Balloon" festival in Taunggyi, because it is not necessarily the surest thing to see burning bombs hovering over large numbers of spectators and firing bonfire.

There' s something that will knock everyone's socks off at the Light Festival in Myanmar. Tazaungdaing and Thadingyut also take road shows and salesmen to the country's neighbourhoods, and carnival with all kinds of meals, amusements and entertainments to bigger towns. During the Myanmar holiday season the price does not increase too much, but we recommend that you book your accomodation and your travel ticket to and from more popular holiday destinations.

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