Tayar Taw Myanmar 2016

2016 Tayar Taw Myanmar

Whato Roe's offer at Thitagu Beikman Taw. From 1975-78 he lived in seclusion and practiced meditation in the forest monastery of Thabaik Aing Taw-ya in Mon State Lower Myanmar. Tayar Yeiktha is working to accommodate more people in need. December 13, 2016 Pyithu Hluttaw. Date of creation: August 16, 2016.

Sayadaw U Nyanissara Thegon

The Venerable Sayadaw Ashin Nyanissara, the Venerable Sayadaw Maha Pandita, Aga Maha Saddhamma Jotikadhaja, was borne on February 23, 1937 in the city of Thegon, Pegu Division, in Myanmar. It was there that he learnt his training and his Buddhist writings. As a fifteen-year-old he was ordinated as one of the Samaneras (novices) and later obtained his higher ordinations as a Buddhist friar at the tender ages of twenty in Thegon.

In 1956, 1957 and 1958 he took his first, intermediate and advanced exams in Pali Buddhist script. Mr. Khan holds a Master's in Buddhist teaching from Khin-ma-gan Pali University in Mandalay. After that he took a course in English at Sangha University in Yangon to spread Buddhism.

1965 he established the BBM College in the city of Lay-Myet-Hna in the sub-Myanmar area and worked as director and head manager of this institute until 1968. He relocated to Sagaing Hills in Upper Burma in 1968 and began teaching Buddhist writings to them.

In addition, he studied English and was educated in buddhistic homileticism under the direction of Venerable Ashin Pandita (Aggamahapandita) Anisakhan Saydaw to preach to the laity of Myanmar Buddhists. It stayed in Sagaing Hills until 1975. From 1975-78 he spent time in solitude practicing retreat in the wood of Thabaik Aing Taw-ya in Mon State Lower Myanmar.

He founded his own convent, Sitagu Vihara in Sagaing Hills, in 1979 and took up again the teachings and scriptures of Buddhism for the local people. He began raising funds in 1981 to build a system of public sanitation that would ultimately deliver safe drinkable waters to over eight hundred convents and eight thousand inhabitants of Sagaing Hills.

He began building a hundred beds clinic for the friars, monastics, nuns, prostitutes and arms of the city. He began building the International Buddhist Academy in 1994, which aims to educate and educate students' monastic missionaries and monastics in the hope of further disseminating Buddha's teaching.

It is currently under development in Sagaing Hills, Myanmar. In addition to teaching Buddhism and organizing and managing various charity activities in Myanmar, he has written thirty-eight Buddhist related textbooks and essays since 1979.

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