Taxi Yangon Airport to Downtown

Taxi-Yangon Airport to downtown

The Merchant Art Boutique Hotel, Yangon Region: Seems a cab ride is the only option travellers have. At which airport will you arrive? Mingaladon Airport is ten miles from the city centre. No bus goes all the way to the airport, but there is still no need to take a taxi.

hi, how much should we buy a taxi from the airport.....

How much should we buy a taxi from the airport to the merchandise shop now? You can take the limo from the airport. It' s about 6,50 US or 8000 kyats. transport to and from the airport is 8000kyat fix rate..... FunTrips..... 10,000 is for a personal taxi! 10,000 is for a personal taxi!


Do you offer transfer from Yangon Airport?

Do you offer Yangon Airport shuttle services? Yeah, but much more than a taxi from the airport. I received a reservation e-mail from the hotels manager offering me the airport shuttle, but I did not use it. A taxi can be rented at the airport taxi stand for less than 1/3 of the taxi fare provided by the city.

Yes, but you should check with the motel first. Its simpler to take an airport taxi from there -- Inya lake is an old motel, so most taxi drivers should know where it is. They have their own driver and I think I was billed 12 US$ to drive from the airport to the city.

A taxi was organised for us by the hotels for collection and return - this was organised by e-mail.

From Yangon airport how to get to the city centre?

Are there any means of transportation that connect Yangon Airport with downtown Yangon? It' only a little bit impractical, a coach stop is only a few hundred metres away from the airport terminals. Yangon Airport is about 18 km from the city centre and about 45 min drive in low season.

Seems a cab is the only way travelers have. Don't get stressful when taxi driver gets in your way and tries to drive you dearly. You know you are alien and even thioug cost seems ok, usually the first bid is duplicated. Yangon city centre can be reached from the airport in two ways.

Busstop is about 1,7 km from the airport. It is possible to go on foot or by taxi for about 1200 kyats to the 10 Mile stop and from there take the 200 kyats directly to the city centre. Please have the precise price of the ticket at hand when you board the train, the driver will not give you any changes.

Gelbe Stadtbusse correspond to internaional standard and are fitted with A/C. The trip is longer than a taxi but you will be compensated by save about 6000 kyats and not contribute to congestion in the town where almost every second vehicle is a taxi.

From Yangon airport to downtown costs about 7000 Kie. So if you are travelling alone, don't delay asking someone from your plane to split a taxi with you. One of the best ways to take a taxi is with GRAB or OWAY in Myanmar's capitol, which was recently started with the aim of making transport service more professionally and attractively priced.

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