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Yangon Taxi

Taxi services are one of the most important means of transport in Yangon. In order to mark a taxi, simply make a hand movement and it will pull up to you. To get a taxi in Yangon, you must pick up a taxi from the curb. Beware of taxi drivers - the days when a taxi is physically stopped could disappear thanks to the arrival of OwayRide, Yangon's first mobile taxi application. We' re gonna need more contributors to Yangon to improve our data quality.

There are 6 practical tips for getting a taxi in Yangon

There is not much of a local transportation system here in Yangon - if we try to get from A to A, our possibilities stay the same. It will take some inconvenience ( "genetic adaptations") for most aliens to control the busses, so the taxi is really the most practicable one. Before I give you my top six advice, I'd like you to think of three things:

When you have a bad one, remember what it must be like for your taxi cabbie. Do you want to travel all in Yangon transport, every single one? The majority of clients probably make far more per hours than the drivers (especially given the large number of cabs now on the roads ), so "be reasonable with your fares".

Okay, here are my top six picks when I take a taxi. Unfortunately, when the door is locked and the rider scurries through the crowded roads, you have no negotiating power and could be expecting another 1000 or more Kyat on your ticket. There is nothing more serious than being caught in a taxi in which a taxi chattering calls his taxi buddies to find out which road to take next.

You may not be costing Kieats, but it will take up valuable work. Well, I'm not saying that Myanmar is an easily mastered vocabulary, but a little exercise can go a long way. You have just increased your 2000 kilowatt drive to 4000 kilowat. Taxis are also the best way to get the best possible communication on bikes, so use them!

As most things are up for negotiation in Yangon, it's part of the gameplay to begin low. Normally cabs come together in the centre, but if the rider thinks it's a newcomer, you can anticipate that he'll take off at a ludicrously high fare and anchor the required endpoint. I' ve noted for a small stretch of up to 3 kilometres that the current cost is about 1500 Kyat.

Every kilometer after that it's another 500 more or less Kie. So if I know the range, I can usually assess what my ticket would fetch and the total value. As for a nation of monsoons, taxi cabbies somehow become a fantasy for the rainy season and travellers have to foot the bill. It may be seen by the driver as an extra charge for getting into a taxi, but when they ask for AC, another 1000k or more can sometimes be added to the ticket as well.

When you switch on the A/C system, the vehicle may run out of petrol or the A/C system may need to be re-gassed. Many cabs in the area and after a few tries you can usually find someone sensible enough to pay an honourable ticket. The majority of riders have to hire cars at high rents and are urged to achieve their day-to-day goals so that they have little time to support their family.

The first tip is to have a taxi for a boyfriend the next one. Now my mornin' trip is my boyfriend who waits every day I get to the edge. Save me my precious little money and now he's giving me a rebate! So what did you experience while driving a taxi in Yangon?

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