Taxi from Yangon Airport to City

From Yangon Airport to the city

Getting a taxi from Yangon Airport to the city. How much is a taxi from Yangon Airport to downtown? As everyone already has a visa for Myanmar, customs should not be long in coming. Hello Can someone give me a rough idea of how much a taxi from the airport to the city centre costs? By train: There are two stations that can be reached by taxi from the airport terminals, where the Yangon Circular Railway reaches the city's main station.

From Yangon International Airport to the city.

To take myself to Yangon airport. I' d agreed to get a mini van from Khao San Road to Suvarnabhumi Airport at 4:00 a.m. for 130THB. Normally I would have taken the public transport to the parade and would have come there for half the fare, but these duties do not run through the nights. Since I have no way to set an alarmer, I decide to remain up until 4:00 in the morning.

Made very easy on Khao San Road. On the way to the airport I felt unexpectedly refreshed and drunken, considering the insomnia. We just woken up in Yangon. Get some cash out of Yangon airport. There are several ATM machines at the airport that accepts both MasterCard and Visa, as well as a number of other cards.

In the range of 2000 -5000 Kyats. Getting a taxi from Yangon Airport to the city. The Yangon International Airport has a taxi stand as soon as you have passed the "Nothing to declare" part of the entry. You have a fixed rate of 7000Kyats/$7USD for a dropping off in town or $8000 per hours.

It didn't seem like there were any planes that landed within the next half hours, so I chose to digest the $7USD and take the taxi into the city. It took a little over an hours drive and the taxi was great. I was given a lot of inexpensive accommodation....good for Yangon and he gave me little fingers of information on the way there.

You' ll see many fun things about Yangon as soon as you get out of the airport. Like there are no motorcycles on the streets, in my view everything is much calmer in the whole city. Many rumours have it that motorcycles are forbidden in Yangon, most of which are about an military general who is beaten or misused by a motorbike rider, leading to an overnight prohibition for motorcycles.

The best way from the airport to the city. I would have taken a less expensive alternative if I'd known I was walking or taking a taxi to Wai Bar Gi and then taking the rail to Yangon Central Railway. It only costs 200kyat ($0.20USD) from the railway terminal to the city center.

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