Taxi from Yangon Airport

From Yangon Airport by taxi

Yangon Airport Taxi Transfers offers an online booking service at fixed prices. The hotel management offered me the airport transfer in the booking confirmation e-mail, but I did not use it. The Yangon International Airport is your key to this enchanting country and for most visitors Yangon is the first stop. Yangon is different from other major cities in the world, where taxi drivers approach you as soon as you leave the airport. Charge the price of your taxi ride in Yangon.

Airport Transfers | Yangon Airport Taxis

Your security is our top concern, which is why you can make reservations for baby carts with us - so that you can relax and enjoy a trip that is secure and pleasant for the whole group! Travelling should not be a stress, so we take your sport gear with us FREE OF CHARGE.

Airport Transfers - Yangon Airport Taxis

While we may change these rules from case to case and publish the new release on our website, any use of our website will be subject to the new release. For the purposes of these Reservation Rules, the names "you" and "your" and "passenger(s)" refer to the individual specified in the reservation and all individuals on whose name a reservation is made or any other individual to whom a reservation is made.

If you make a transaction, you agree that all information you have provided is accurate, which includes your name, date, collection information and payment or debt collection information. In the event of changes to the information provided, you are responsible for contacting us and requesting changes. If you make your inquiry for a particular type of services, your reservations information will be sent to the Supplier, and only when the Supplier has accepted your reservations will a verification e-mail be sent to you and the agreement between you and the Supplier be concluded.

Warranty for the performance of transfers between you and the official supplier is limited exclusively to the two contracting partners. Each and every obligation arising from the rendering of the transferred benefits is the exclusive property of the care providers and their underwriters.

We and the Company will not be liable for any loss (e.g. lost flights) resulting from your not giving enough travel accommodations. In the name of the Contractor, we are authorized to reject any order placed by you. There is no warranty that a specific agent can be assigned to each reservation inquiry.

We will notify you by e-mail as soon as possible in the unlikely case that we cannot assign a supplier to your reservation enquiry. We offer our online reservation service on an "as is" base and make no representations or warranties, either expressed or implied, as to the products' uptime.

So you certify that the billing information you give us for the reservation of a services is accurate, that the bank account or direct debit used by you is your own and that there are enough resources or funding to meet the costs of the same. When paying the drivers, please make sure you have the right amount in your country's currencies, unless otherwise indicated in your reservation receipt.

Any changes to your reservations must be made in the "My Reservation" section using the information in your order acknowledgement emails or in written form by sending us an electronic message. Reservations can be changed online up to 48hrs prior to collection or check-in. At the end of this deadline, you must call the carrier directly by phoning the number indicated in your order acknowledgement.

Cancellation will not be billed to you if you canceled at least 24hrs prior to the scheduled collection. Cancellation can be made online or by e-mail up to 48hrs prior to collection or delivery date. At the end of this deadline, you must call the carrier directly by phoning the number indicated in your order acknowledgement.

If for any reasons the services cannot be provided and your reservation must therefore be canceled, we will inform you as soon as possible to the e-mail addresses you have provided. With your on-line reservation, by e-mail or by telephone, you declare your agreement to paying the full costs of the reserved services in the event of a reversal within the cancelation deadline with costs.

Drivers must allow a delay of no more than 60 min from the airport's scheduled pick-up point at the moment of departure. Free idle times from any other location are limited to 10 min after the arranged pick-up period. For the unlikely eventuality that you cannot find the rider at the rendezvous point, or if you are late at custom, entry, bags pick-up or loss of bags, it is up to the passenger to call the distress number indicated in the reservation acknowledgement to get in touch with the rider.

Failure to call the SOS number within 60 min of the real airport pick-up arrival and within 10 min for off-airport pick-ups, and failure to notify the Supplier of the issue, will be deemed non-appearance and you agree to bear the full costs of the services you have reserved.

In the event of a delay, your booking is upgraded to reflect the date of your departure. In the event that the arrivals journey is postponed by more than two inches and/or no information is available from the carrier regarding the new arrivals of the journey, the carrier does not warrant that a chauffeur and a car will be available at the real times of arrivals of the same.

If you are travelling with surplus luggage, please let us know at the moment of reservation. You can ask for additional support during the reservation procedure. While we will endeavor to forward all such inquiries to the Supplier, we cannot warrant that they will be fulfilled and we will not be liable to you if this is not the case.

Distances and driving times given are for the purpose of design only. As you may find that building work, transport, the elements or other incidents may cause the terms and condition to differ from the information posted, you should schedule your journey accordingly.

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