Taxi from Mandalay Airport to Town

From Mandalay airport to the city by taxi

Taxi counters are located outside the baggage claim area. Mandalay Airport Taxi Transfers can be booked online at fixed prices. Mandalay airport taxi ride to and from the town - Mandalay Forum

Do you want to know how cheap the journey from Mandalay airport to the town is and how much we expect for the journey within the town? yes, from 12,000 kyat for cars, depending on the distances and 4,000 kyat for a common minibus to the town, around the town. So if you get there early enough, why don't you rent a personal rider for the whole outing?

He' ll meet you at the airport and take you on a trip. These is the question that group person upset in the time and now group are requesting guidance, soon it faculty be kind India. The" little helpers" at the airport are expecting kyat1500 to hold their bags, but with the new airport terminal in Yangon and the presence of trolleys.

Arriving at the airport information desk last night, we were informed 15,000K )about $11, which is exactly what they wanted and did not want to do. That'?s what we bought for the Eaatern Palace Hotel.

Mandalay Airport - Thorn Tree

No. I even asked them when they would take us to the small coach and they would confirm that it was the taxi. Yes, the personal cabs were in a normal vehicle and there seemed to be a large number of them in the area. Apparently, the taxi was this coach, at least back then.

After arriving at Mandalay airport on both national and intercontinental routes, I never had this one. That was the only timeframe, however, that we ended up so belated. When we started we took a group taxi back to the airport in a normal vehicle. Perhaps they change from the airport to a coach after a certain period of aging, I really don't know.

Are you travelling from Mandalay airport to the centre of the town? These are your transport possibilities.

Are you looking for information about the Air Asia shuttles to Mandalay? All the information you need to get from Mandalay airport to Mandalay town centre. I' m getting myself prepared to end up in Mandalay. To get from Mandalay airport to the town, you need to plan ahead. First you have to get from the airport to your primary goal!

When we went to Mandalay, we thought it would be useful to have all our best advice on how to get from Mandalay airport to downtown Mandalay. I am pleased to be sharing my experience from our last journey in the hope that I can help with hands-on information and inspiration for others to come to this incredible and unique world.

HP - To learn more about the Air Asia Shuttles, please continue reading to see our latest updates at the end of this article. Were you supposed to go to Mandalay or Yangon? Here is what we think: To be commutated from the plane to the airport terminals......... The majority of those who enter Myanmar do so through Yangon.

While Yangon remains the preferred airport, Mandalay is seeing an increase in air travel as travellers move in and out of the countryside from a second airport. That' s exactly what we did when we flew to Mandalay and finally took off from Yangon. The flight to one airport and the departure from the other help us to make the most of our times without having to fear.

If you want to take the Mandalay to Bagan cruise like we do, it's a little quicker to leave Mandalay because you're going downriver. And quite honestly, we really did love Mandalay! There are less conveniences at Mandalay Airport than in Yangon, but it was all worth it for us.

At Mandalay airport we found it calm and well organised. There was a transfer from the plane to the airport's central station. Baths were neat and a kind companion showed me how to get the textures of the playing pastry out of a small glass of bar of soap and that was great, as we usually use this refined bar of bar cream but didn't have it with us on this journey.

There is a smalluty free store and a café on the departure page (updated by the readers): From Mandalay airport to the centre of the town is 35 km, which corresponds to a journey of 45-75 mins. In order to make your journey as smooth as possible, here you will find the cheapest ways to get to the airport.

There are many free airport transfers available in many of the hotel and guesthouse establishments, making this a comfortable and inexpensive alternative. In Mandalay, many of our Mandalay properties have teamed up with Agoda, a much-loved third party hotel provider, to make bookings. Agoda's on-line reservation involves a pickup at the airport, but all the travelers I've been hearing about have said that their on-line enquiries were unsuccessful.

  • ...on the way to Mandalay. Rent a taxi. Taxi services can be arranged through any of the hotels or guesthouses, and when you arrive at Mandalay airport, there is a taxi counter after duty to make reservations. Here is the information directly from the sources - the airport now has a website!

Airport-taxi desks are outside the luggage area. One-way taxi rates from the airport are set. 15.000 Kyat - Private taxi with AC. Cancellation of the Asia Airlines shuttles! Vanessa communication (April 2016): THANKS to all our astonishing subscribers who signed up for our news.

Look at other readers' remarks below to see their contribution to this debate, and if you have any ideas, please don't be shy! The Air Asia Shuttleservice is right in front of the airport! It flies between Bangkok and Mandalay every day and is the first port of call for those who travel to Myanmar.

You are offering free transport to and from Mandalay airport - but those arriving with other carriers do not have to register! Timetable is the same as the airline's timetable, with two busses depart from the airport 45 and 60 min after arriving (and two busses leave 79 via Mandalay Palace between Roads 26 and 27 at 9:00 and 9:15 am to match departures).

Usually the coach picks up all guests at the early hours (Road 79 at 26). Since our accommodation was in North Mandalay, we were far from home when the shuttles took us away. We could have asked the employees to guide us to a local coach, but we walked.

We trod through the town for 45 min, at 45° Celsius, and drew a few inquisitive looks at ourselves. Fortunately Mandalay's grating, to number the roads, made it almost impossible to get wasted. There was heavy and heavy trafficking when we came to town. Passing around the town, we saw a group of friars gathering donations of meals.

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