Taxi fare from Yangon Airport to Downtown

From Yangon Airport to downtown by taxi

Taxis are the easiest way to explore Yangon City. Yangon, Myanmar: In the arrivals hall there is a taxi counter where you can order a prepaid taxi. There is a taxi counter in the arrival hall of the airport at a fixed price. When the taxi is free, you will find a "Vacant" or "For Hire" sign in red and the lamp of the taxi sign above is switched on.

Yangon Airport to downtown taxi - Myanmar Transportation

Hi everyone, I just stayed at a Yangon Downtown resort and this place gives me the opportunity to collect an ACT. You suggest this services for the $10 fee, I was asking myself if it is the regular rate or if you overtax me? Will it take long to get to Yangon from the airport?

Love Redpanda, usually, most of the auto hire companies charge 45,000 - 65,000 per days for 4-seater limousine for use within the Yangon area. Service times are usually 10hrs, the price depends on the vehicle and state. However, they charge additional fees for airport transportation, the industrial zone and the Yangon Rock.

It takes 35 to 45 min to get from the city centre to the airport if there is no congestion. When you take a taxi from the airport to the city, you will be required to travel at least 6000 km. In my view, it is best to use the airport transfer from your hotels.

The rate is fine for a transfer from the airport, some of them even cost 15 US$. If you want to make some savings, you should rent a taxi right at the airport. Taxi chauffeurs at the airport will also ask you for 10 US$, but just walk away from the crowds and track down the taxi that' s just waitin', you'll find taxi chauffeurs ready to rent you for 7 US$, which is about 7000 Kie.

It' s not very long to go to the town centre to get to Sule Pagode, which is the centre of the town, you need about 35 to 40 min, then depending on where your motel is situated, it takes a little more or a little less a while. $10 is not fraud, as the Yangon Downtown chauffeur has to go to the airport to collect you.

I' ll make bookings from the hotels, always better to be on the save side if you are visiting a land you have never visited before.

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