Taxi Cost from Yangon Airport to Downtown

From Yangon Airport to downtown

Welcome to the High Five Hotel! Nearly all visits to Myanmar start in Yangon, where the country's largest international airport is located. " We called an over-cab from Yangon International Airport. Booking and payment - Seat selection - Where we fly - Timetable - Low price - Promotion - Seat type. But the best way to get around Yangon

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It is Myanmar's biggest town and its transport facilities are good for the major highways, but still the small side road is uneven. Transport is the right-handed driver, while many old cars that have been brought in from Japan have right-hand driving. It is possible that you may have to reckon with a long, sluggish journey back to the centre of the airport.

A taxi and public transport is available. Currently not all cabs use a counter to check your journey. Try to get more information about the prices and the times. Currently a 4-seater taxi costs between 7 and 9 dollars from the airport to your accommodation. When arranging pickup through the hotels, please note that the fee for the services is not the same.

Journey times vary between 45 and 1 hour, according to your flight duration. You can reach Yangon Taxi's cheaply and easily from any hotels, restaurants or streets. A lot of cabs are not air-conditioned, so we recommend calling a new taxi like the one in Paris if you want a pick up in the open countryside.

There' s a fact that a cheap automobile is less expensive than the payment of cabs all the while so many Yangon people buy their own cars. Or you can hire a personal vehicle for a longer period of the year or look for a hire vehicle repair shop if you would rather have a personal one.

First thing you should know: The village shuttle is mainly for locals. From Yangon you can take the coach from the stop, but also on the way, which has no stop. From Yangon there are 2 major stops: To the south-west of the airport, the Aung Mingalar Coach Terminal provides services to most cities and the Thar Yar Coach Terminal, which provides services to the Delta area.

The Yangon traction system is old and sluggish. Daily departures to Bagan, Mandalay or Kalaw Hill stations. Yangon's most recommend rail journey is the round tour, which lasts about 3 hrs to cover the long, sluggish 47.5 km stretch with its regular bus and tram stop (38).

The cruise allows you to see how locals, suburban residents come to Yangon to sell or work things. As there are many vehicles and they drive quickly, the Yangon admins do not allow bicycle tours. Trishaw can, however, cover a few places and in downtown Yangon for a while. Again, thank you for making our journey to Myanmar.

Now we have many pictures from Yangon and Bagan for our home decor. Until next reunion!

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