Tungtha or Thaungtha is a town in the Mandalay Division of Central Myanmar. Receive the Taungtha weather forecast. Tungtha (township, Myanmar) with population statistics, maps, map and location. Tungtha Map Looking for the map of Taungtha? Sat imagery of Taungtha, Burma and surroundings.

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The Taungtha Voivodeship is a Myingyan District in the Mandalay region of Burma (Myanmar). His capital and administration is Taungtha. The Taungtha Townhip is known as the home and home of Tin Moe, a Myingyan, Mandalay region and Aung Thaung, a political and business man from Burma, native of the Taungtha Townhip, Kanmyè in Taungthaownship on December 1, 1940,

The Mandalay region, Myanmar, a member of the country's lower chamber, the Pyithu Hluttaw, represented the Taungtha community electoral district after being voted in the 2010 parliamentary elections.

Worsening Watersongs in Taungtha

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"The whole town is relying on the abbey well for potable running water, and it is slushy. We''ve got to run 2 miles[3.2 kilometers] to take a bath," said the inhabitant of Nagarbo town in the southern part of Taungtha municipality, Mr Than Myint. "We' ve been told that the developing commitee would be digging a new well, but there is no new well.

One to 150 feet[45m], but the waters are sour. We had to broaden our roads to house sea carriers during delivery. He said, "We depend on donating money. A lot of townships depend on dispersed wells and ponds far away from their houses. Whilst city residents are fed by the Bon Sin embankment or sellers, isolated communities are in danger, said Ko Aung Kyaw Khaing, who heads a group of young people who distribute waters.

"The inhabitants of the city centre are not concerned about the waters, but the inhabitants of isolated towns are. He said, "The village inhabitants don't know what to do to get potable and potable water. The new wells, which are up to 180 meters in depth, only generate non-drinkable waters that cause rashes and loss of the human body when bathing or bathing in them, he said.

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