Taungoo Travel Guide

Tungoo travel guide

Taungoo Independent Travel Guide, with up-to-date information about guesthouses and hotels, attractions and tips on travel, schedules and more. City of Taungoo is also known as Kaytumadi City. Taiungoo Travel Guide & Taungoo Popular Tourist Attractions.

Tungoo Travel

Taungoo (???????; also called Toungoo) is a bustling motorway city and a favourite place to stay for the night for visitors and lorry drivers. With some interesting sanctuaries, a vibrant center square and a lovely sea, it has more sights than any other city on Yangon-Mandalay Hwy, but then there's not much rivalry.

An excellent suburban guest house makes it easier to spend a longer night and can also be used as a basis for attending elephantcamps in the western hill country. Karen Mountains in theheast are famous for their veggies and coffees. When in Myanmar, if someone gets unforeseen luck, they are compared to a beadle fan who gets a paying journey to Taungoo.

There is a arid route leading eastwards to Loikaw, although it is a tough and long trip.

Far over 500 years old, the historical city of Taungoo is a rewarding stopover for those who have enough spare hours to bring the Yangon to the north of Burma.

Far over 500 years old, the historical city of Taungoo is a rewarding stopover for those who have enough spare hours to bring the Yangon to the north of Burma. There is a ditch in the center of the city that is most beautiful on the east side - the ditch is not so well preserved in other parts.

You will find all of Taungoo's major attractions within its borders, but it is also just an all around interesting place to hike, with some appealing old shop fronts both around the square and in northern Shwesandaw pit. Whilst all the attractions of Taungoo itself are within the ditch, most foreigner accommodating establishments are outside, a long stroll or a 10-minute bike tour along the Taungoo to Yangon highway.

A recently refurbished, inexpensive version is located in the center of the old part of the old part of the village and the chic Royal Kaytumadi on the shores of the river, but most of them will be outside the old one. Catering is available everywhere - a good choice of restaurants and pubs along the street into and out of Taungoo and the Motherhouse itself is highly recommendable for an English meal, free WiFi and good meals, but also for very kind and courteous people.

At Taungoo itself, Yangon Food Villa is an often recommendable AC system that we haven't tried, but a brick on the same side of the street, on the edge, is a good teashop. with 12Go Asia. The Orientation Taungoo is a small old part of the village surrounded by a ditch to the east of the highways.

The majority of the foreigner-friendly properties are located one or two kilometres southwards of the city along this highroad. Shwesandaw, the major part of the city, is located just southwest of the old city center, with the equally interesting Myazigon Puagoda to the far north. While the other major tourist feature, the sea, is at the west end of the city, the east end of the square is within easy walk of all four.

When you drive up the through street, you will see the mail and a large telecommunications storm and then, a little further on, a sculpture on your right. Immediately after the sculpture is the city' s major street (Bo Hmu Po Kun Road) and you will find Myanmar Beauty I and Yangon Food Villa along this street.

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