Taungoo City

City of Taungoo

Myanmar Tour to Taungoo City, you are invited to visit an ancient site with a long history and traditional culture. Toungoo is a city and district in the Bago Division, Myanmar. Taungoo is halfway to Mandalay by train from southern destinations, including Bago. Toungoo is a city and district in the Bago Division, Myanmar.

About Taungoo City - Myanmar Tour Information

Myanmar Tourto Taungoo city, you are welcome to explore an old site with a long tradition of cultural heritage..... In addition, the visitor can participate in interesting events such as visits to bull camp, observing the work of bulls or exploration tours in the forrest. A bustling city on the motorway, Taungoo (also known as Toungoo) is a favourite place to stay over night for travellers and truck drivers.

There are more remarkable places than any other city on the Yagon-Mandalay line. Another great guesthouse on the edge of the city attracts the visitor for another one. It is also used as a basis for visits to the Elephants Camp in the West Highlands. The bombardment of World War II, however, ruined Mingyinyo Castle (only parts of the old ramparts and ditches around the building are still visible).

On the old route from Yangon to Mandalay, just south of the castle wall, there are many people. When in Myanmar, if someone gets unforeseen fortune, they are likened as one being compensated for a journey to Taugoo. Kayin Bang is less than 22 mile (. 35km) eastward and Kayah State is more than 40 mile (. 64km) eastward.

The Karen and Kayah insurgents are known to make a lot of changes in this country. There is a arid eastern highway leading to Loikaw, but any journey beyond the Sittoung River a few leagues eastwards of Taugoo is subject to specific travel agency approval. Motorcycles can be hired at Myanmar Beauty Hostel for 2000 kyats per night.

When you move up to the right you see the picture of King Taugoo (and a queen). To the east there is a Thurathati sanctuary - a Hindu deity. Burma has a large number of bulls that have been domesticized in the state. This number is around 4000 and is the only nation in the whole wide range in which large numbers of elephant are used in industrial production.

Situated in a hilly area of Karen communities and tea groves 35 leagues (56 km) north west of Taugoo, the visitor can go to wooden ranches and see working cattle. Nonetheless, many wildlife organisations are concerned about the ways in which they have domesticated cattle.

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