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The Taunggyi University, located in Taunggyi, is the most important university in Shan State, Myanmar. Homepage - On the Campus - Scholar Liaison Network; Taunggyi University-Burma (Myanmar)-Taunggyi. The Taunggyi University (Burmese: ??

????????? ?????????[tà??d?í t??k??ò]), based in Taunggyi, is the most important university in Shan State, Myanmar. Aye Thar Yar, Taunggyi, Myanmar. They have been at the heart of Myanmar's literary canon in the past.

University of Taunggyi starts BA in Turism

The Shan State Administration offers the opportunity to graduate in Business Administration and Hotel Managment from Taunggyi University to help boost the tourist industry. Minister of Travel U Ohm Maung and Prime Minister U Lin Htut said the markets are ready for further developments. Since 2012, tourist programs have been offered at the National Executive College in Yangon and Mandalar College in Mandalay, which also host 100 undergraduates per year, provided they have reached at least 60 in English and 400 in all.

"We will make the new course known through radio and state media," U Htin Aung Naing said to the Myanmar Times today. Shan State Secretary of Economics and Public Works U Nyunt Soe Lwin said that if more than 100 applicants were to apply, admissions would be based on enrolment values. Shan State Department of Commerce is in negotiations with the Department of Commerce about the costs of housing the new student, and discussion about extending the course at Mawlamyine University next year has already been underway.

"Both the tourist and hotel sectors are being developed," said U Htin Aung Naing. The Taunggyi University was founded in 1992 and provides Bachelors and Masters programmes in Art and Sciences. Since 2012, the Ministry of Education has offered Bachelors of Art (Tourism) classes at Yangon and Mandalay University.

This four-year full-time course was started at the National Mangement College in Yangon and Mandalar College in Mandalay. Previously, a post-graduate course in tourist information in Mandalay was on offer in Yangon from 2006. It operates a teaching center that provides short-term classes in the fields of tourist guides, grassroots and hotel services and hotel maintenance, as well as schooling.

This year, the department is forecasting a tourism growth and expects the number of foreign tourists to increase from 4.68 million last year to 6 million by the end of 2016.

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