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The Taunggyi Journey

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If it is necessary to go to Taunggyi to make payment for the Taunggyi Oo area, can it not be done in Nyaungshwe? The Taunggyi is on its way to Kakku and you have to stop there to collect a Pao leader. You can' go to Kakku without the Pao leader. Just like in postal #1 our tour leader was very well informed about his nation and his story.

If you are in Kakku, make sure that your tour leader leads you to the small lake where you can take great pictures with the reflections of the Pagodes in the rain. Situated in the Pago area, the Pongo handles the Pago and works for its area, providing employment for youngsters.

It is a must to hire a Taunggyi resident leader and you cannot go without him. Contributions that do not comply with our policies will be removed, and we retain the right to delete any contribution for any reasons.

An Inle Lake travelogue - Taunggyi Forum

At the end of our trip we spend 2 whole day at Inle Lake. A taxi to our guesthouse (Amazing NyangeShwe) was about 24.000 K for 4 of us. We had a really great place in our guesthouse! On our last evening we even let ourselves be pampered with massage - for 10 dollars each. On our first evening we chose to go by ship to see the sundown.

With the same guy we took the next morning for K12000 (+K4000 additionally - see below) on our trip through Inle Lake. I' ve got conflicting emotions about the whole trip. There was also the opportunity to pay 4,000 K more to see In Thein. Inle pancake place - that was cheap and delicious.

And I think we always payed about 2.000 K for our meals, which was a big leap down from our 25.000 K dinner the evening before at the View Point dinner! The viewpoint was also good - Bamar/Shan Essen tapastyle. Afterwards we would have liked to hike here for a few whole day, but unfortunately our schedule didn't take that into account!

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