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The name Taunggyi means \ Planning a trip to Taunggyi? The capital of the Shan State, Myanmar. Create a plan with the Taunggyi Travel Planner and find the right plan for your holiday. Taunggyi's comprehensive travel guide.

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Taunggyi (????????) is located on a hill and is the capitol of Shan State and by far the largest Myanmar east borough. Taunggyi is a multi-cultural cosmopolitan community with a large number of Shan people and significant Chinese, Moslem and Chinese religious denominations, and is mainly a commercial area. Except if you are longing for the big cities (the Shan State versions anyway) and/or consumables, there is little interest here for most people.

You will be picked up from your seaside resorts by our tour leader around 9 am. We take a brief cruise to the central jetty to Taunggyi (30 km outside Inle Sea, about 1 hour's driving, depends on street and weather) and Kakku. In the Shan way, the steupas are encircled by a small number of steupas that look like small convents that are quite different in this area.

Because of the decline over the years, it was possible to restore the stone houses after donations from people who had been on pilgrimage and natives. Following our luncheon in a nearby Kakku kiosk dinner, we drive to Htan Phaya, a small town with a cavern of the same name.

There are numerous Shan Buddha pictures of various size on the walls of the small and flat cavern. Finish this trip with a visit to a Pa O villa with different plants before we drive via Taunggyi back to your hotel on the Inle Lake shore.

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The name Taunggyi means "huge mountain" in the Myanmar tongue and is the name of the city. Tazaungmon (the eight of the Myanmar lunar calendar) is the full moons day of the Taunggyi embracing fire ballon festivals. There is a lively bazaar every five nights on the old premises, which draws many merchants from the mountains.

There is also a bustling trade station and the city streets are full of goods from China and Thailand, which are transported every day via the Tachileik and Mongla borders. Kakku's 2478 steupas are one of the most noteworthy attractions in Shan State. At Kakku the veranda stone statue was erected in a confusing array of different designs so that the predominant architectonic style was when they were made.

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