Taunggyi Tazaungdaing Festival

Tazaungdaing Taunggyi Festival

Each year Taunggyi hosts the Taunggyi Tazaungdaing Festival, where colourful hot air balloons are launched to the delight of the audience. The program for the Hot Air Balloon Festival in Taunggyi Tazaungdaing Balloon Festival is the most amazing balloon festival in the world. Balloon dancing in Taunggyi for the Tazaungdaing Festival. Burma has another traditional, unique and impressive festival called Taunggyi Tazaungdaing (Taunggyi Balloon Festival). Everyone who comes to the festival wears their best costume.

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Tazaungdaing Festival (Burmese: ????????????????????????, also known as the Festival of Lights and Dinkel Tazaungdine Festival), which takes place on the full Monday of Tazaungmon, the 8th of Burma's calendars, is a celebration of Burma's nationwide rejourn. 2 ][3] It also marked the end of the Kathina (Kahtein in Burma) period, during which the friars were given new clothes and almonds.

1 ) Take a leader with you and hear them out.

On one of my first travels to Myanmar, I recall seeing the Fire Ball Festival in Taunggyi on television. After all, I looked at it myself.... and since then I have been to the Fire Ballon Festival in Taunggyi almost a doze. The Nya Mee Gyi fireballon moment after the start as shortly before the start of the firework.

Taunggyi, Myanmar. Tazaungdaing Lights Festival is an (approximately) annual festival that usually takes place in October or November until the full moons of the Tazaungmon months in the calender. I had my early experiences with this party at the related Yi Peng Festival in northern Thailand, where small incandescent lamps of pink color are illuminated from below and hover graciously in the outdoors.

Tazaungdaing Lights Festival is the biggest festival in Taunggyi, embedded in the Shan State hills. One of the day's events are all-day web contests and pet ballons named "Ayoke", which go up into the skies, but it is the nocturnal festivals that are most remarkable. It attracts large numbers of visitors and the area is quite solid.... enough to accommodate ten thousand of them.

It is in fact the second biggest in Myanmar, just behind the April Water Festival, which will shut the land down for about a whole weekend. In addition to the fireballs, there is also a fairground with amusement park attractions such as the Ferris wheel, fairground parking, fairground carnivals such as "Rolling the Bicycle Tire" (my favorite) and more catering than you need.

Handcrafted candlework, paintings and even firework. A new Fire Ballon crew will come to great rave and noises every 30 minutes or so. Normally it is a procession of a few vehicles: one holds the ballon and the equipment, one or two with the crew (sometimes a few dozens of people), and another with the music.

As they get there, they make a bow around the festival area and sing and play tunes from the backs of the platform coaches. A group of persons carry out the leveled ballon to ensure that it does not get moist when the floor is soaked. Some are scurrying around, prepping flares, sparking candle lights or yapping commands with a bark.

Judge circles around, observing how everything comes together, measuring the teams and taking note in a buffer. Somewhat further away, the flares are poured with petrol and light. They are held by men who quickly go to the ballon, where the crew lifts the ballon over their minds.

They are the spring of warmth for inflating the ballon. At the festival there are two kinds of fireballs. First one is decorated with candle, known as His Na Pan, and now is a particularly important for them. Bowls with coloured plugs in coloured synthetic material are put out, to which small hangers are fastened.

These people find small coloured flaps that are fixed to the ballon and hang the plugs from them as the ballon blows up from the flares below. You have to work very quickly, because when the inflatable air blows up and gets bigger, these flaps go higher and quickly become inaccessible.

There is a young woman holding plugs placed on the Sein Na Pan fireballs. Taunggyi Tazaungdaing Fire Ballon Festival. Small coloured synthetic material straps hang from it, to which the same coloured candlesticks are fixed as above. At this point (5-10 mins later) the ballon is fully blown up.

Together, the members of the crew hold the ballon to turn the ballon and show the designs. Now you can see the full effect of the balloons, sometimes as a small image, as burmesian writing or simply as an interesting motif with the image on the hot air ballon itself as background.

Now the flares are taken out underneath the ballon and the "fuel" is placed in their place. The device, which is kept together by reinforcing bars, is a strong combustible that generates a fire that lets the warm atmosphere enter the ballon like a huge candlestick.

Once the parachute has the feeling of having sufficient buoyancy, the vertical candlescreen is fixed at one end to the bottom of the canopy. When everything has gone according to schedule, the ballon is let go and the baloon is lifted and kept vertical. Tightly fastened to the straps, the cartridges turn so that they don't drop out, and the look is now seen as they float into the skies.

It' party season, as everyone points to the ballon, dances and cheers to folk tunes performed on reels and basins. The same way these hot air guns are launched by being pulled out and blown up by the fire from fuel-soaked flares. As a rule, the pictures on these fireballs are quite complex and without candle.

That thing consists of up to 5,000 handmade firecrackers, and once the hot air ballon is blown up, they will fix it to the ground to take it to the skies for a flight. You will need some room below, so the inflatable fire baloon will be fixed to a few cables and let go so that it can ascend while still tied up.

At the end of a long rod, a man holds a metallic pail to the fireballon from below to collect the dropping growth from the "fuel" so that it does not end up on the firework of the load while it is fixed underneath. Any of the flaming pieces of the huge candle-like fireball' s interior could set off the firework underneath.....

As soon as the ballon has generated enough buoyancy (or at least they believe it), the safety device is lighted and the ballon is freed. When all goes well, the fireballon climbs to the skies and after 10-20 seconds the det cord reaches the firework and they start to shoot out of the ballon in the outdoors.

There' s no such thing as a flat throat on the festival ground, as everyone has their eye on the music. The smile caused by reverence can be seen everywhere as the ballon continues to float up and shrink in the distant sky, while the firework continues to fire for 10-15 mins. The launch of giant ballons of fire, sometimes with several hundred candlelights and sometimes with several thousand firecrackers, is not going according to it.

In other cases, the load or the shiny material that holds the candle under it can come loose and quickly drop to the floor. I' ve never been in a battlefield, but the mess that follows as group run for bedclothes as a firework (hopefully) zip body part your pipe that faculty unit you to path the dirtiness elasticity a bit of the idea I'm doomed.

The festival site has seen deaths: about half a half a million in recent years and scores of casualties. Shuffle fire, explosion by firework, ten thousand of people and drink (it's a feast), and you can see how quickly things can turn to the bad.

When you go to the Fire Balloon Festival in Taunggyi, here are some hints to make it the most pleasant and safest for you. The Taunggyi mountain range is often cool at dusk, so get dressed accordingly. There is a lot of activity on the festival ground, most evenings with ten thousand visitors per city.

Usually it is not so breezy in the evening at this season, but the smallest wind determines in which way the ballon floats. Never be on the balloon's way. There is a little kid lighting a candle for the Sein Na Pan fireballon near Taunggyi, Shan State. During the festival itself in Taunggyi, the prices of the rather average regional hotel will rise many-fold during the festival, and you can also make reservations elsewhere.

As Taunggyi is by far the biggest festival in the country, you can still see fireballs in other parts of Myanmar. The next biggest festival, Pyin Oo Lwin, takes place at about the same hour (full lunar months in Tazaungmon). Kalaw, the beautiful mountain resort city, also has its own festival, which features fireballs and other fire-related craziness.

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