Taunggyi Shan state

Tunggyi Shan State

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Taunggyi, is the translation of "Big Mountain" in Myanmar. The capital of Shan State, Myanmar, lies at 4,700 ft above sealevel. It is the fifth biggest town in Myanmar, with an approximate 400,000 people. Shan, Pa-oh, Da-nu and Inthar were the town' s native people.

The Taunggyi has a moist sub-tropical environment. It has a colder and gentler temperate than Myanmar, the capital. The text in this articel is from a paper that is now publicly available:

Tunggyi - Shan State

Founded as a landmark centre in the 1890s, when Sir J. George Scott transferred the state government there, Taunggyi is today the main city of Shan State. Tazaungmon (November) Full Monday Festivals, the renowned Taunggyi Summer Day Ballon Festivals takes place once a year. Ten thousand villagers come from all over Myanmar to observe them doing it at Inle Lake.

Tazaungmon and Thadingyut full moons festivities take place throughout Southeast Asia in honor of Buddha and remember his coming back from Tarwateintha Heaven when he was escorted by a great number of celestial beings who enlightened the way for him. Symbolized by these celestial candles, the feasts of sunlight culminate with the long Sweets Nights on the Tazaungmon Full moon, when the friars receive new garments and supplies.

Wishfulfilment of your wishes is celebrated on a place below the Yat Taw Me Pageant for four nights. In the daytime, schoolchildren and spectators let go of colorful ballons with animals, which were observed by jurors who will give out a price for the best one.

They are affectionately made of cardboard and illuminated by bulbs. Therefore, all international guests are limited to a booth at the side of the fair. When it gets dark, the partly gigantic ballons are put on the place and adorned with candlelight.

As soon as the hot-air balloon blows up, fireworks fill the nightsky with color. There will be a ballon concert performed and danced to living Shan-Musik. Almost every single working days there are parades to the site of the fair, where visitors bring valuable ballons from all over the Shan state or carry around the city towers of worship and charity to hand them over to the city.

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