Taunggyi Restaurants

Tunggyi Restaurants

The best food in Taunggyi, Shan State: The restaurant is located in the village of Kakku in Kyauk Ta Lon Gyi. For wine lovers, you must visit Ayetharyar Vineyard in Taunggyi. The best Asian restaurants for lunch in Taunggyi, Myanmar. Explore restaurants in Taunggyi with the help of your friends.

You' ll have to go to these restaurants in Taunggyi.

Taiunggyi is the capitol of Shan State. At Taunggyi the Kakku Pagodas, the Hten San Caves and the Ayetharyar Vineyard are the first sights. Have a look at the menu of some of the great restaurants to see in the cityscape. Situated in the Kakku community in Kyauk Ta Lon Gyi.

It' very near the well-known touristic attraction Kakku Pagodas. Cuisine of Burma and Thailand is available. You have to see the vineyards of Taunggyi if you are a fan of fine art. Here you have the opportunity to sample the indigenous vines, go to the grape estate and learn about how the vines are produced.

Then you can savour a gourmet evening meal in a beautiful lakefront dining room. It serves traditional dishes from China, India and Europe. Lotus Thai is a good choice for lovers of Thai cuisine. This is the intersection of the eastern Ringstrasse and Sandarstrasse. All the decorations are neat and beautiful.

If you want to try new things, I suggest you go to the Taung Chune Taung Chune restaurants. It' Yay Htwet Oo Street, Yae Aye Kwin Quarter. It' a Taunggyi gastronomic place. In addition, the eatery serves Chinese food, tasty pizzas and vegetable sauces. This is General Aung San Street, Yae Aye Kwin Quarter.

At My home Myanmar Express you can get your own sea food, even the Taunggyi is a Myelat area. It' one of the best fish restaurants in Taunggyi. You can find the name of the place in the General Aung San Street, Kyaung Gyi Su area near the Kyaung Gyi Su near the Urban Club Conference Center in the city center. If you have a schedule to attend Taunggyi, you can make a reservation for inexpensive accommodation in Taunggyi through the Jovago Myanmar website.

Best places to dine

Located in Nyaung Shwe, the capital of Lake Inle. Dining is very inexpensive and good in Nyaung Shwe (at Inle Lake) with its best example in the stands at the fair, which takes place on Monday. Many Nyaungshwe restaurants are for tourists, and many serve cosmopolitan dishes, as well as Bimana, Thai and China cuisines, but when you get off the highway, as in the case of this small 5-table place, you have very good Myanmar cooking at a good bar.

Especially the Inle Sea fishing, which is here in different ways serves, is delectable. Unique is a middle-class place for international guests. It is located in the Hauptstra├če and is one of the most genuine. There is a small terrace, the place is connected to the owner's house and the kids are walking around, but the place is very beautiful and the services are good.

It' cooked the Burmesian way, with citronella, seasonings and other aromatic plants. Any big trip merits a goodbye meal to remind oneself of the good days and to make fun of all the difficulties that have arisen along the way, but now no longer play a role at all. In Myanmar the goodbye meal was at this place, a rather new place, as we were told later, which had been half opened by a Spaniard.

It has a large and beautiful interior, but the best part is the patio on the first level with a view of the lak. Dining is great and if you choose to buy the million it is going to cost, try Burma wines made from local grape near the lakes.

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