Taunggyi Population

Tunggyi population

Tunggyi (township, Myanmar) with population statistics, maps, map and location. The name Taunggyi means "The Giant Mountain" in Myanmar. Taunggyi City: map, population, location. What is the population of Taunggyi (Myanmar), what time is it in Taunggyi, what currency do they use? Pa-O's geographical centre could be described as the mountains around the cities of Taunggyi and Kalaw.

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Taunggyi means "huge mountain" in Burma's dialect and is the name of the hill crest in the eastern part of the town, part of the Shan Hills system, whose distinctive highlight is referred to as Taung-chun or "The Spur". "Local, this skid is known as Phaya Taung. It has a more distinctive and famous characteristic known as the Chauk Talone, the Craigs.

Taunggyi was a small town with a few cottages before colonization by the United Kingdom. This area was located on a broad ridge of the Sittaung Hills of the Shan Hills and was inhabited by the Shan at that ancestors. Tunggyi has long since disappeared from the primitive Taunggyi community, but the surrounding towns are still clearly visible.

It became the capitol of southern Shan during the English occupier. Taunggyi's contemporary evolution began in 1894 when the Britons transferred their administration from Maing Thauk (Fort Stedman) on the east shore of Inle Lake to the higher hill of Taunggyi for medical and geographic considerations.

Taunggyi was the main guard of the Shan State army because of the civilian riots in the early 1900s. Taiunggyi also serves as a care center for the Shan states and serves people of many nations. The Taunggyi lies at an altitude of 1,436 metres above sealevel.

The Taunggyi has a moist sub-tropical environment (Köppen class Cwa), which borders on a sub-tropical highlands environment (Cwb). Taunggyi can be accessed via the Bergstrasse. There is a railroad line through Taunggyi which was constructed in 1995 but does not currently offer public transport to Taunggyi.

From Taunggyi, the closest airfield is Heho International 39 km (24 miles), about an hour's drive from Taunggyi. in Taunggyi is for the benefit of the Kyrgyz people. The Taunggyi is the crucible for the Myelat area of Shan State. It also has a significant population of Christians, as the centre of the Catholic archdiocese of Taunggyi is St. Joseph's Cathedral and its seminar, as well as a Baptisturch.

There' s also a smaller English Orthodox temple that used to serve the UK administration, but recently it has been in a state of decay. The Panthay-Moschee among the four muskets mainly serve the Mandala Muslims. All the other muslim sites are for a large number of Myanmar Muslims. Since the 1990s, the Taunggyi area has been populated by a large number of people.

Taunggyi, the Shan state capitol, is home to many governments. It is also home to the Tatmadaw Eastern Command (Myanmar Military) and takes up a significant part of the north-eastern part of the town. The Shan State Cultural Muzeum is located in Taunggyi. Shan civilization, as well as objects of historic interest, such as the Sawbwa properties.

Taunggyi area is a favourite holiday resort. There is an interesting five-day fair in the town itself, where local peasants come to Taunggyi on local markets days and buy groceries on the open markets, but the importance of the fair has diminished with the town' s growth.

In Kekku, near Taunggyi, there are several hundred Stupa from the sixteenth age. Taunggyi has no significant industrial sector. In the past it was a transshipment point for many of Shan State's farm produce. Taunggyi's other business is agriculture and horticulture. The peasants around Taunggyi are mostly of Shan and Pa-O ethnical origin.

Taunggyi's most important farm produce is potato, tealeaves, tomatoes, broadleaves, plums and fruit of the season. Taunggyi-Stadion, which seats 7,000 spectators, is a multi-purpose arena in Taunggyi. It is the home of Kanbawza FC, a Myanmar National League (MNL) team. "Taeung-gyi." The Wikimedia Commons has got press on Taunggyi.

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