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The temple in the south of the city has a dizzying view of Taunggyi and Lake Inle. While most Palaung people live in nearby Kayah State, they are often seen near Taunggyi. Taunggyi Technical University Taunggyi, Myanmar (Burma) Myanmar (Burma) Taunggyi ,Shan ,Shan ,Myanmar. Phone available. A bestseller in Taunggyi!

The Shwe Kyun Hotel in Taunggyi offers a fitness centre.

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Situated in the southern part of the capital, this sanctuary has a vertiginous panoramic position over Taunggyi and Lake Inle. The agreeable ring of the bells from the top of the podium was swung with aeration. You will never forget the panorama of the panorama and an outline of the citymap. You will never forget when you are dreaming.

The Mya Sein Tuang Pagoda on a hill behind Shwe Phone Pwint Pagoda Hill. As an orbit and sightseeing along the street, you can enjoy a view of the mountains as if through the woods. To the south of the city, this vast architectural building has a gold-plated corn cob-stupa that is paid homage to Ananda Pahto in Bagan.

Locals are celebrating Thindingyut and Tasaung Taing Yellow Rope Offering each year. Situated in the southwestern part of Taunggyi, this Buddha sanctuary is ruled by a 60-foot high Buddha. You will find here the originals of both Taunggyi stores, as well as groceries and clothing and almost everything you can imagine, mainly from China and Thailand importe.

As its newer equivalent, this is the busiest place in Taunggyi during the outing. The second Taunggyi store overcomes the old store overcrowding, reflecting the importance of a Taunggyi shopping center. Taunggyi's Nightspot is the place to go for bargains like Shan Noodle, Shan-style Rice, homemade teas and dinners for tasty treats or delicious morsels.

In Aythaya, 3 mi. westwards of Taunggyi, this is the first vine of the land, situated at an altitude of 4290 feet on well irrigated, calcareous soil and offers good growth opportunities for the varieties Chiraz, Kabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc und Muscat bunches. As one of only two Myanmar wineyards, it also houses an appealing lodge made of tea wood (the "Monte Di Vino Lodge") overlooking the scenic Aythaya Valley.

The Taunggyi Fire Ballon is one of Myanmar's most popular annual meetings and takes place for several nights around the full moon of Tazaungmon, which is a day of celebration and the end of the wet season in early November in the Bregorian calender. Featuring firework and an amazing selection of different hot air balloon design, with contests for styles and elevations.

Daylight is dedicated to entertaining the whole day with big animals in the form of hot air balls - but the celebrations continue through the dark until the early wee small hours when giant hot air balls with hundred of spectacular pyrotechnics are sent into the skies. Overnight stays during the event are greatly raised and transportation to Taunggyi should be reserved well in advance. Please book in writing.

Besides the common display of typical ethnical groups, you will also find a fistful of arms, military equipment, and jewelry. There is also a small section on the Shan State Saopha, or Skylords who reigned the Shan State until then.

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