Taunggyi Pagoda

The Taunggyi Pagoda

Kakku Pagodas we reached by boat over the Inle Lake. It' in the municipality of Taunggyi. Explore the Shwe Indein Pagoda in Taunggyi, Myanmar (Burma): A full day drive into the Pao Territory to visit the breathtaking little pagodas in beautiful scenery. For centuries hidden in the wooded hills near Taunggyi, the.

Inein Village, Taunggyi Travelogues

It' s unbelievable how many golden Stupa you can see there. We were the only westerner at the moment when we were there and although there was the usual glove of gift stalls on the way up, many were empty and they were friendlier than obtrusive.

The step out of the overhanging into the magic series of stupa and shrines at various states of decay and repairs was astonishing. liked to wander through the wreckage and watch the gifted artisans at work.

It is a very uncommon place with many stupa with a lot of bell-shaped tops that sing with the breeze. It' a buoyant fair. It' not so touristic, it's a real town with a real fair. It' a real souvenir shop with many interesting places of interest and aroma. Were you in Indein Village?

Pagoda of Taunggyi, Myanmar - Review of this pagoda of Kakku

The Kakku is one of those places you can see at don´t and think of. I REALLY suggest this journey for every traveler to Inle See. Accomodation: It´s approx. 2 hour journey per route (can take up to 30 minutes longer due to traffic construction) to the east part of the lakes.

You' ll need to rent a cab (I suggest the astonishing Kyaw experiance (Joe for foreigners), he has a big vehicle that will pick you up at the 50-kyat round trips hotels, call him at eversmile.ns.inle@gmail.com or 09428319914 -09428), plus USD8 entrance tax. The price includes an English language tour in English, which will explain the whole area.

On the way you can see the wonderful landscape and when you come to Kakku you will be thrilled by the 2,500 Stupa and Pagoda that were constructed 300-200 years ago. The town of It´s is in very good condition and you can go 2 hrs on foot to see the whole place. You can use an umbrella, because it´s is warm and sunshiny.

The only place in Myanmar where I saw a deceased Buddhas. You will be amazed by a one-of-a-kind place, not to have too many visitors so enjoying while you can!

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