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Lake Inle, near Taunggyi, Myanmar (Burma). Explore Taunggyi with the help of your friends. Wonderful dinner - Review of the Aurora Restaurant, Taunggyi, Myanmar

Actually, we were looking for another eatery (Unique Splendid), but it seemed to be shut, so we went back by bike to the highway running eastwards from the town. It looks simple, but serves the best meal we've eaten in Myanmar. Excellent soda with noodles. And my man had the barbecued seafood and chan pasta and groundnut lettuce.

At times these simple pasta eateries offer such delicious meals that I never felt the need to find the costly "tourist" local. It is a Shan Home type village run by a couple of families. Sure, it doesn't look like much when you're in that atelier. When you have the card in your hand, look at the Shan dishes.

This is the region you are in. It'?s time to die with our little soda noodles! I tried fried toffu ( a sweet that melts in the mouth despite the oil), a chicken platter with mint.... all is well! Did you go to the Aurora Restaurant?

inside-look: tech-driven tax reform in Taunggyi, Myanmar

Visit with the Asia Foundation, the Renaissance Institute and Koe Koe Tech to find out more about our pioneering digitization program for public revenue collections. Taunggyi lies on a hillside not far from the Inle Lake in Myanmar. As part of a Asia Foundation, Renaissance Institute and Koe Koe Tech group, we paid a visit to the area to find out about a pioneering initiative to digitise the local revenue gathering processes.

In Myanmar, one of the biggest fiscal challenge is fiscal recovery. Taunggyi's exploratory scheme uses a Koe Koe Tech-developed portable application to tackle the basic questions of taxation in the state and to raise the revenue needed to support key government activities from infrastructural to waste disposal.

The wide range of platforms can be used to record land rates, inland charges and commercial licence requests in electronic form. With the new system, the half-yearly assessment of taxation can be carried out three quicker than before. Koe Koe Tech's softwares also offer a significant enhancement in the amount of elapsed working hours required for full real estate taxation.

DAO employees say that a trial that used to take six moths now lasts only two moths. By far the largest part of the hard copy can be handled via the digital application. Municipal taxpayers say that the greatest improvement with the new technologies is a decrease in the administrative burden and an increased taxation rate due to the new real estate register changes ?resulting?resulting.

In front of the new smart-phone and tablet-controlled system, employees had to punch 25,000 single pieces of hard copy during every six-month harvest time. High-ranking DAO and official representatives of the Taunggyi administration say that garbage disposal is another important issue for the population. A lot of people go to the Facebook page of the DAO to point out certain topics with the latest garbage disposal.

They ran a trainings unit to show DAO employees how to use Google Maps to monitor the city's garbage sites and to better react to grievances from residents in certain parts of the town. One of the main issues for the municipal administration is the registration of all residual budgets and the update of the real estate valuation.

Due to these problems, such as restricted registrations, the Taunggyi land taxes correspond to the costs of two cup of Taunggyi every sixmonth. By using Koe Koe Tech, DSOs are able to tackle these basic business problems, improving the county taxation processes and increasing their resources for providing community service.

Choose pictures of Asia Foundation employees. For more information about Koe Koe Tech's Koe Tech in Myanmar based solutions, please go to www.koekoetech.com.

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