Taunggyi Map

Tunggyi Map

Stadtinfo - Map & Places - View accommodation. Interactive map of Taunggyi, accommodation and activities in and around Taunggyi. Map of Taunggyi (Mon Region / Myanmar), view from satellite. The Myanmar Taunggyi Map is the map detector. Taunggyi Thone Mile Village, Ywangan Township, Taunggyi District, Shan State, Myanmar - Fluorite You can buy an express ticket to Taunggyi simply at the ticket office, usually at markets.

Geographical map of Taunggyi.

Taunggyi, Shan, Burma: menus

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However, it is still very little in comparison to what you can see when you go to Taunggyi, Shan, Burma. Taunggyi is worth a trip. Every Shan area has a great deal to do. Tunggyi is no different. It' not possible to record all the beauties in the cards. Accomodation in Taunggyi. Through our relationship with Booking.com you can get up to 50% discount on hotel and other accommodations in Taunggyi, Shan, Burma.

Map of Taunggyi, Burma

parallel and meridian co-ordinates are: 20.783632, 97.035362. The Taunggyi is Burma's fifth biggest town and serves as the Shan state capitol. The town was built in the latter part of the nineteenth centuary, when the British entered the territory of contemporary Myanmar. Taunggyi, Burma is 20.783632 degrees parallel, and the meridian is 97.035362.

Taunggyi, Burma is in Myanmar (Burma) in the cities class with 20° 47' 1.0752'' North and 97° 2' 7.3032'' E. Taunggyi, Burma is 1411 metres high, which corresponds to 4.629ft.

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Taunggyi is located about 10 kilometres south-east of Mandalay and 500 kilometres northern of Yangon. In Burmese this means "huge mountain", the fifth biggest town in Myanmar and the capitol of the Shan state, East Myanmar. This is home to over 205,000 inhabitants, among them Bamar, Intha, Pa-Oh and Shan.

In the center of the town there are a lot of houses surrounded by wood. Everywhere in Taunggyi there are blackcurrants, pine groves and eucalyptuses. Taunggyi is a hillside town and the climate is considered one of the most pleasant in Myanmar. The best view of Taunggyi is from high-flying airballs.

Taunggyi's most famous sights are the Shan State Cultural Museum and the Myoma Market. There are also many Buddhist monasteries and monasteries, such as Guan Yin Buddhist monastery and the Padah-Lin cave system of limestones with pre-historic canvases.

Myonma is the liveliest and most lively part of Taunggyi and is the meeting place of various ethnical groups living in this town. All five and a half day, a group of local residents from the neighboring areas of Taunggyi came to share their unique local produce to create a kind of activity that is very much loved by the Shan state community, known as the "five-day markets".

Especially on the Myonma Market you can buy food (like Burma cakes and shan noodles), CD's and VCD's, which are fully available at low-cost. You can also find Pa-Oh ladies with interesting head scarves selling new Shan Hill sorts. At the other side, in the Cultural Museum, take your free moment to see the different breeds of the Shan State, such as clothing, religious instrument, domestic utensils, agricultural implements, sculpture and canvas.

In addition, items used by Shan Sawbwas (Shan Lords) such as pictures, blades, fans, diwanas and stools are on display. Located on Eintawshay Road and Bogyoke Aung San Road, the open from Tuesday to Sunday between 10:00 and 15:30, with an admission charge of two USdollar. And last but not least, you can come to Taunggyi at the end of October when the yearly balloon festival is held in one weeks time.

Huge balloon heaters in different colours and forms are sent into the skies and float through the town. At take-off, the parachutes can catch fire, a relatively frequent occurrence. In the evening the event will be even more thrilling, as several traditional shaped ballons with confectionery and firework will be started.

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