Taunggyi Inle

Tunggyi Inle

I'm planning a very short trip to Lake Inle. Naungkar - Seson - Kakku - Taunggyi - Inle (Car & Boat Tour):. Departure from the hotel to Seson via Taunggyi. The Inle - Kakku - Taunggyi - Inle Tour. Mandalay - Taunggyi - Inle - Yangon.

From Taunggyi to Inle Lake - Taunggyi Forum

I' m planning to take the Shwe Mandalar Express- Premier Class 2+1 from Yangon to Taunggyi at 7pm on October 15 - who knows what a cab from Taunggyi to Inle Lake costs? Alternatively, we can ask the coachman to stop at Shwe Nyaung Junction and take the cab from there to Inle Lake?

I' ve sent an e-mail to the Shwe mandatear expressed and posted an e-mail on their page but still no response. The Shwe Mandalar Rallye Express-Premier 2 1 stops this leg because of the low seasons, I'm not sure if it will leave again in October or not, Shwe Nan Daw, Lumbini and Golden Shuttle busses (VIP 2 1) are still on.

The Golden Shuttle VIP Service runs directly to Nyaung Shwe. I' ve tried looking for Golden Shuttle VIP Expres, but there's no information about it. Booking as early as possible is necessary because the high seasons, the popular Pagodas in Inle from 5 October to 22 October and October holidays (10 days) for school.

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If we do not comply with our policies, we will delete any postings and we retain the right to delete postings for any cause.

Taunggyi - Inle - Kakku

The route starts from Shwe Nyaung. Our guide will meet you at your accommodation if you are staying in Nyaung Shwe or if you are still at the lakeside at your arranged times (approx. 8:00 am). First, we go to the Katku Pagodas area for about twoh.

Along the way we can make a brief tour of various trip-cottages. Upon your arriving in Kakku, you will see the destroyed churches. Afterwards return to Taunggyi, the state' s capitol. The Taunggyi Central Market and Ananda Sanctuary offer views of the Shan People's Town and its magnificent peak.

At night you return to Nyaung Shwe and go to your motel or nervously. It'?ll be at the end of your outing with us. Service GuideProfessional English-speaking tourist guides. Please note: All sights in this trip are the most visited places in Taunggyi. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to reserve a trip or request detailed information.

TUNGGYI: Taunggyi, over 1430m above sealevel, is the capitol of Shan State. Once a large city and commercial center of this prolific area, it was once a UK mountain resort because the weather is cold and comfortable all year round. Taunggyi's yearly ballooning festival is very much loved throughout Myanmar, and the crowds come to see the wonders of the sky that have been made in honor of Buddha.

Pyrotechnics fill the skies and Taunggyi becomes the center of fun and amusement for three whole day and three night. From Inlelake to Taunggyi it will take about an hours drive. Golf lovers can enjoy the additional benefit of the 18-hole Aye Thay Gold Resort, situated at the foot of Taunggyi High.

Kakkku: Kakku, about 40 km southwards of Taunggyi (1½ hours drive), is one of the most popular places of worship in Shan state and the most sacred place of worship of the population. There you can arrive by road or trek from Inle Lake for one night.

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