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You can book the cheapest Taunggyi hotels and hostels with real guest reviews and first-class customer service! Are you looking for a Taunggyi Last Minute Hotel? The TripAdvisor offers real-time availability at the lowest prices for last-minute hotels in Taunggyi. Receive the best offers at the Royal Taunggyi Hotel. Hotel Taunggyi Hotel Taunggyi | Book online Royal Taunggyi Hotel rooms at best prices.

Taunggyi Royal Hotel, Taunggyi District - Low prices

The Royal Taunggyi Hotel is situated in the area / town of Taunggyi. The Buddha Museum is 16.74 km away and the Mingalar Market 17.07 km away. Reception is available around the clock, from check-in to check-out, or if you need help. If you want more, do not hesistate to ask the reception, we are always prepared to receive you.

Enjoy your favourite meals with exclusive cuisine from the Royal Taunggyi Hotel. The Royal Taunggyi Hotel with all its amenities is the right place to spend the night.

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Please choose your trip data. The number of people per room is to be chosen. Unfortunately there are no rooms for {0} people. The Royal Taunggyi Hotel has free WiFi throughout the grounds and provides lodging in Taunggyi. There is a local café for our clients to use. There is a 24-hour reception on the premises.

Hotel also provides rental cars. Kids are welcome in this hotel. You can pay by hotel debit or debit cards. Add to "Favorite Hotels" Remove from "Favorite Hotels" ???

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AddressShu MyawãKin Rd., Wood Qrarter, Taungyi, Southern Shan State, Myanmar. Taunggyi hotels from the UK settlement. Taiunggyi in the town belong to this class of luxuries. The above prices are per US$ including breakfasts, 10% services fee and 10% state taxes. The supplement for the obligatory Christmas and New Year's meal must be confirmed at reservation.

Traditional Taunggyi Hotel - Review of Taunggyi Hotel, Taunggyi

The hotel qualitiy is poor, but the hotel prices are still high. The TaungGyi Hotel is an old hotel with charme and beautiful services. We came here this year because this old hotel room is larger than new ones, so with $70/- per room we still want to be.

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