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I' ve reserved at Taunggyi Hotel via Agoda for the trip in August. Use our interactive hotel finder to find and compare Taunggyi, Myanmar hotels and accommodation. The UCT Taunggyi Hotel is located in Myanmar, Shan State, Taunggyi. It' a non-profit association that trains locals for work in the hotel industry. National Taunggyi Hotel reviews and Royal Taunggyi Hotel room rates.

The Taunggyi Hotel, Taunggyi Shan State, Myanmar (Burma)

DescriptionWell skilled personnel, outstanding services, cosmopolitan atmosphere, friendly welcome, guest contentment is the hotel's contentment. - The amount due must be settled in cash on receipt directly to Scenic Gateway Travel employees or their representatives at Yangon Airport or at the hotel. - For those arriving in Myanmar via Yangon Airport, our employees and our corporate car will bring you to your hotel for US $ (one way) for one and US $ per passenger for towing and more free of charge.

Taunggyi Hotels: Taunggyi Hotels

U.S. $ 55It is situated at the foot of the Taunggyi Mountains. Of the town about by road 30 amount. US$ 25to the town centre, the 5 minute walk to the main square. the restuarant is many around. comfortable hotel to transport. from high heel airfield by road about 1 hour.

US$ 30It is classified by Taunggyi town. There are many shops, restaurants, etc. About to Myoma in five mins. US$35There is a near the main road on foot to Myoma Markt, about 10 amount. U.S. $ 23It is classified by Taunggyi town.

There are many shops, restaurants, etc. About to Myoma Market in five mins.

The Taunggyi Hotel - Taunggyi, Myanmar

The Taunggyi Hotel is a favourite option for travellers in Taunggyi, whether on a voyage of discovery or in transit. There is a broad palette of amenities to make your holiday a joy. The necessary amenities, such as free Wi-Fi in all rooms, 24-hour room services, Wi-Fi in common areas, laundry services, private parkings.

Guest rooms provide a good night's rest with some rooms with amenities such as free Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Wi-Fi connection, writing table, minibar, TV. Relax from a full days sight-seeing in your room or take use of the recreation possibilities of the hotel incl. gardens.

There are three good reason why you should spend the night at the Taunggyi Hotel: pleasant personnel, great amenities and the closeness to everything Taunggyi has to offers. The Taunggyi Hotel - Taunggyi is classified as a 2-star hotel. N.B. Please be aware that the rating of stars is widely accepted by most of the world' s leading hotel companies.

In case one of the above mentioned institutions is indispensable for you, please verify it when making your reservation.

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