Taunggyi Hospital

Tunggyi Hospital

São San Htun Hospital, Taunggyi. Myat Taw Win Hospital in Taunggyi" is probably the best one at the moment. When you arrive in Taunggyi, you can first see the beautiful Sao Sam Htun Hospital and then the Taunggyi Department Store the market. São San Htun Hospital São San Htun Hospital also known as Russia Hospital. Cheap hotels near the Khaing Myittar Hospital, Taunggyi.

Ayurveda Hospital ( nyaungshwe?) - Message Board Burma

Hello, I'm in Burma with my friend and we're living in a nice little resort in Inle Lake, Inle. I' m going to a hospital so she can see if she's onbiotics. Hopefully someone with a lot of practice can help me answer the following questions: - is it safe enough to go to a MYH?

Hopefully someone can give me some good counsel so she can feel better and we can start enjoying the city. It' not gonna make your girl any harder, so go to the hospital in Nyuang Shwe soon. Go to Bangkok if it's not an easy abdominal issue - and don't ask for medication here, go to a physician or hospital if you have problems.

It has many privately owned hospitals and one hospital. If I were ill while I was inle, I would take KKYM's counsel and go to Taunggyi. It' a much bigger place than Nyaungshwe. Usually, most travellers go to Dr. Htein Linn's hospital near the Nyaungshwe Jetty on Paungtawpyan Street, NS.

When you go to Taunggyi, the Myat Taw Win Hotel is probably the best one at the moment. Myat Taw Win Hospital in Taunggyi" is probably the best one at the moment. I was surprised about the Myat Taw Win Hotel, but it's a hospital I see.

So I wonder what Mike did in the end - probably just a few tablets I was hoping for? For others in Myanmar there are also many walks in centers in Mandalay and Yangon etc. with well educated physicians who will make very cheap diagnoses, i.e. my 2 Dr. walks at the center 83st st. Mandalay opposite the Nylon Hotel + bleeding test and drugs were $18 and Dengue-diagnosed.

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