Taunggyi Festival

The Taunggyi Festival

Tazaungdaing Lights Festival is an (approximately) annual event that usually takes place in October or November until the full moon in the month of Tazaungmon in the lunar calendar. Carnival celebrations include balloons, fireworks, food, music, games and man-powered Ferris wheel rides. Taunggyi is marked by the balloons themselves as something unique. Taunggyi Hot Air Balloon Festival takes place during the full moon of the eighth month of the Myanmar calendar, which usually falls in November. People from Taunggyi, they were about a moth prepared for the fire balloon.

Taunggyi Balloon Festival 2018, Myanmar

But towards the end of Buddhist Lent in November, the hill town draws tens of balloon launching crews from all over the state. A thrilling race will take place on a special area in the center of Taunggyi. This festival, which draws more than 20,000 visitors a year, is the end of the wet season. 7.

With the launch of a thousand airshots, the Myanmar tribe is fighting off the ghosts of the world. It is a mixture of Buddhist and Hinduism. They are nothing more than magnified photocopies of China heavenly lamps. During the first three contest day the contestants are mostly family members with a family.

The last of the days after sundown, a torch-lit parade goes through the main roads of Taunggyi to the fairground. As the festival culminates in the start of huge hot air balloons adorned with flaming candle designs. Taunggyi Balloon Festival is a colorful and thrilling event where you can get to know the Myanmar civilization and its people.

Taunggyi Fire Balloon Festival

Taunggyi Fire Balloon Festival is a big festival taking place in the Shan state city. This weeklong meeting will take place from 29 October to 4 November in Taunggyi, just off Lake Inle. Karnevalsfest comprises hot -aircrafts, firework, meals, music, plays and trips with a big ferris wheels with people.

Taunggyi is marked by the balloon itself as something new. The festival is part of the Tazaungmon Festival, a day of celebration marking the end of the wet season. 2. There are several different festivities throughout the whole state, among them Naypyidaw and Pyin Oo Lwin. A Twitter subscriber said: "This one-of-a-kind festival is one of #Myanmar's must-attend events".

Taunggyi Fire Balloon Festival has been described as one of the most gorgeous and perilous celebrations in Asia. It is possible to take the Taunggyi coach, which is about 14 hrs from Yangon. It is $14.40 per passenger (2+2 seats), or $22.20 per passenger for a slightly improved coach with better seats (2+1 seats).

You can purchase your Myanmar Bus Ticket on the Myanmar Bus Ticket website or via the following web link: One of the girls is carrying candle lighters to light handmade old craft lamps during the Tazaungdaing Ballon Festival in Taunggyi, Myanmar, November 19, 2015.

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