Taunggyi Balloon Festival 2015

The Taunggyi Balloon Festival 2015

10/16/2015 / Comment / 2463 views. The number of deaths at the Taunggyi Balloon Festival rises to four after an injured man dies from his wounds and a falling balloon kills a child. A hot air balloon with fireworks goes wrong. Taunggyi Ballon Festival? I read many other forums about advice for this festival, which was very helpful.

Taunggyi, the Shan state capitol, is known for its nice climate and as one of the clearest towns in Myanmar.

Taunggyi, the Shan state capitol, is known for its nice climate and as one of the clearest towns in Myanmar. However, if Taunggyi is particularly emphasized in the racetrack that travels the land, it is the venue for the Hot Air Balloon Festival every November during the Tazaungmon, the 08.

All over Myanmar, it' s a celebration of the festival of beacons. On a full moons evening, humans lit candlelight, lamp and candlelight. It has become one of Myanmar's greatest festivities in Taunggyi. Shan State's main town is more than ever seen on this event, as it sends 9 nights and nights of balloon-shipping.

Then, crowds of visitors from all parts of the land and from all over the world come to the town in their tens of thousands to experience the lightest, loudest and most colorful festival of all. The festival began this year on the evening of 18 November. Opening nights are one of the most busy, but I realised that this was just the beginning of what was yet to come.

This evening, after demonstrations of colorful folk dancing, we could see the fascinating sight of hundred of street lamps and three huge warm aerial ballons adorned with lights that flew to the skies at the same moment. This was something really unique and something I hadn't seen anywhere else before, although the lamps can also be seen in Chiang Mai, Thailand, for the same festival, but only the one.

Following the opening ceremonies, the parties will take place at stands, sidewalk stores, promotion stands of all kinds of makes, amusement park amusements, matches and entertainment that encircle the festival grounds in a 24-hour non-stop team. In the daytime, smaller air balls made of wallpaper named "Ayoke" are started with the forms of animal like bird and fishe.

They fill burning flares under the balloon with warmth until, in a delicate flying, the cheering and jumping of the crowds accompany them and congratulate themselves on their victory. This rebellious sequence can't really be compared to the one waiting for us at first.

It'?s the nighttime show. At 8 pm the different groups line up to enter the festival area. Thousands of different groups of pilots are waiting to set up and take off their balloons. At the end the whole festival is a contest and it's about good cash as a prize.

A number of hot -airstones are adorned with barrels of candle and lantern, which form different shapes. The three are named "His Na Pan" and resemble the three I saw the first evening during the opening ceremonies. However, these can be combined with others even more attractively laden with pyrotechnics.

Nyi Gyi Mee" hot air ballons are the main attraction of the festival and attract the most spectators. It is a breath-taking adventure, because as the hot gas leaves the floor, the detonators of the firework provided are ignited. One time in the sky an entertaining shower of sparkles comes out of the balloon, showing different forms of firework.

When the balloon climbs up, the show warms up. In some cases the firework starts earlier than anticipated and reaches the masses of people around the festival area. It' thrilling to approach the balloon, but it happens more often than you think. That year I saw the firework of some hot air balloons going out just a few metres from the floor, as well as other hot air balloons that could not take off or even fell from a fairly high up.

When the balloon flies, the crowd hums with agitation, which can last for a long while. So I saw ballons still send off a good half hours after the start, which must be a good adversary for the competition.

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