Taunggyi Balloon Festival

The Taunggyi Balloon Festival

The picturesque mountain valley welcomes fans of an unusual art - the production and launch of unmanned balloons. Upon our arrival in Myanmar, we heard of this festival. Shan State, Myanmar photo credit original owner. Tazaungdaing Festival is a traditional festival and holiday in Myanmar. Taunggyi Balloon Festival in Myanmar is one of the most exciting festivals I have ever experienced.

The Taunggyi Balloon Festival

Tazaungmon is the time of year when balloons with balloons, lights and firework are seen in the sky. Tazaungdaing Festival, also known as the Festival of Lights and Tazaungdine Festival), which takes place on the full Monday of Tazaungmon, the eight monthly installment of the Myanmar diary, is hailed as the end of the rainforest.

Taunggyi's balloon and fireworks festival is the most famous of the Tagdaing Festival. Taunggyi's balloon tournament originated in 1894, when the British hosted the first balloon contests in Taunggyi shortly after the annexation of Obermyanmar. At the centre of the Taunggyi Festival are the giant animal -shaped aerials produced by team.

Excitement begins every morning in the early afternoons when the balloon release contest team. At nightfall, the hotshots are divided into two categories: for a nice design with real ascent to the heavens and another for a firework display. The Taunggyi festival marks itself as something special.

They will of course be the focus of the whole tournament by a number of participating crews. Excitement begins every morning in the early afternoons, during the daytime the giant ballons are formed in the form of wildlife, from poultry to cattle.

When you are here with a young couple or if you want a quieter tempo, this is the festival season, because it is in the evenings that things get more nervous - and more dramatic. Then the pyrotechnics break out into an unusual multi-coloured showers - lasting up to 15 mins.

Colorful ballons with hundred of home-made firecrackers were hurled into the dark skies and caused cascading flares of worship. Novemberfest has become a high point of the Tazaungdaing Festival of Lights, which is marking the end of the wet seasons. Whereas Buddhism is the root of the traditional balloon competition, even Britain's colonists in the latter part of the nineteenth centuary used it.

This yearly festival with its unusual blasts of color and lighting draws domestic and international audiences. Actually, the visitor is in danger of seeing the explosive balloon, but it was great.

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