Taunggyi Attractions

The Taunggyi Attractions

View the best Taunggyi attractions loved by travelers. Journey to Taunggyi by booking your flight and hotel together on Expedia to make big savings. The Taunggyi Travel Guide & Taunggyi Popular Tourist Attractions. The hotel is located in Taunggyi and is in the same region as the Buddha Museum, the Mingalar Market and the Yadana Manaung Padoda.

Inle Lake Taunggyi - Inle Lake attraction, Myanmar

Taiunggyi is located in the south of Shan State and is the capitol of the Shan States. Taunggyi is something extraordinary? Taiunggyi is located in the south of Shan State and is the capitol of the Shan States. The Taunggyi is the crucible for the Myelat region of Shan State.

Taunggyi is a favourite travel area. Taunggyi itself has an interesting five-day fair where peasants from the whole region would come to Taunggyi on Fair Square days and buy products on the free markets, but with the further growth of the town the importance of Fair Days has decreased.

Discover what Taunggyi has to offer. Taunggyi's street is full of curves and zigzag and. seen from above. looks like a serpent. On this street one has a good look at the surroundings. Once you step into Taunggyi, you will see the beautiful Sao Sam Htun Hospital first and then the Taunggyi Department Store, Dhammayon (community hall), the Shan State Cultural Museum, the famous course and the houses where pine, kirsch and gum grows throughout the city and the whole area is verdant and comfortable.

Taunggyi's liveliest part is the Myoma supermarket, a place where local residents gather only every five trading days to buy and resell their local wares. Today it has become a day-to-day business and is continually flooded by human activity. Taunggyi is also the meeting place of different breeds living in Taunggyi.

What is the way to Taunggyi? The Taunggyi is accessible from all parts of the state via roads, railways or aeroplanes. Yangon and Taunggyi are 456 mile away and can be directly accessed by car. In order to get to Taunggyi by plane, you must first travel to Heho, about 40 kilometres west, then on the Taunggyi highway.

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