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When dry weather is right for you, the months with the least chance of significant rainfall are Taunggyi January, February and then December. Taunggyi UCT Hotel Les transfers d'aéroport sont disponibles sur demande. Please contact the accommodation in advance for details. Breakfast inclus dans le prix. An airport shuttle is available for an additional 30 USD per vehicle for a single ticket.

The price includes all fees that this accommodation has indicated to us.

However, these can change, for example, depending on the length of the stay or the booked sales unit.

Mean temperature and rainfall

It gives good hints on characteristic climatic models and anticipated circumstances (temperature, rainfall, sun and wind). Simulation meteorological datasets have a three-dimensional accuracy of about 30 km and may not be able to replicate all regional meteorological phenomena such as storms, strong storms or tornados. 30-year history hours of historic meteorological information for Taunggyi can be acquired with history+.

The CSV downloads include global parameters such as altitude, winds, clouds and rainfall for each location on Earth. During the last 2 week the last 2 week for Taunggyi are available here for free use. Mean Max Day" (solid line in red) indicates the max temperatures of an mean working days for each Taunggyi monthly.

Similarly, "average daily minimum" (solid line in blue) indicates the mean min. temp. Dotted reds and blues indicate the mean of the warmest and coolest dates of each months 30 years ago. To plan your holiday, you can anticipate your holiday's mean annual temp. and prepare for cooler and cooler weather.

Rainfall charts are useful for planning regional impacts such as the Indian rainfall and the African rainfall. Notice: Simulation of rainfall in tropic areas and difficult terrains is usually lower than using traditional methods. It shows the amount of solar, partially foggy, covered and rainy weather per month.

Day with less than 20% cloudiness is regarded as bright, with 20-80% cloudiness as partially and with more than 80% as clear. Whereas Reykjavík on Iceland is mostly foggy, Sossusvlei in the Namib is one of the world' s brightest places. Please note: In tropic climate zones such as Malaysia or Indonesia, the number of rain fall days could be exaggerated by a 2-fold value. The Taunggyi Max Day Temp chart shows how many day s/month certain temperaments have.

Dubai, one of the world' s busiest capitals, has almost no less than 40°C in July. They can also see the winter in Moscow with some winter nights, which do not even peak at -10°C. Taunggyi's rainfall chart shows how many rainy nights a week a month certain rainfall levels are attained.

Taunggyi's chart shows the day per months when the winds reach a certain velocity. Taunggyi's compass card shows how many hour per year the winds blow from the indicated area. During 2014 we began to model meteorological conditions with historic dates from 1985 to 2014 and to create a 30-year continual worldwide record with one-hour dates.

Klimadiagramme are the first simulation datasets published on the net. We have a meteorological record of every place in the world at all times, regardless of the presence of meteorological information. Figures are taken from our NEMS based meteorological models with a 30 km accuracy and cannot replicate detailed meteorological phenomena like warm island, colder wind, storm or tornado.

In places and incidents that demand very high accuracy (e.g. power production, insurances, etc.), we provide high-resolution simulation with hours. You can use this information under the terms of the Commons licence "Attribution + Non-commercial (BY-NC)".

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