Tatton Park

The Tatton Park

The Tatton Park is one of the UK's most complete historic properties. The Tatton Park is a historic property in Cheshire, England, north of the town of Knutsford. The Tatton Park means so many different things to so many people.

The Tatton Park

The former home of the Egerton dynasty is situated on an area of 1,000 hectares of the most attractive stag park and is a magnificent property that you can visit. In the medieval Old Hall you can experience hundreds of years of historical events or experience live above and below the steps and in the villa you can find a captivating selection of artistic and familial memories.

Walk in peace through vast, beautiful gardens and take the children with you to see very particular species on our farm. Take advantage of massive rebates by purchasing a Tatton Ticket that allows you to enter all three attraction. It is a cost-effective and versatile option as all three tours do not have to be made on the same day* and can be part of any of our three major tourist features (manor house, gardens, farm).

Immerse yourself in our history of Tatton Farm to Fork, an ancient farm that has survived for centuries, from the farmhouse' farm animal, to the products cultivated in our many gardens, to the groceries available in our magnificent Park Land Farm. And, of course, don't miss the opportunity to find out how the meals were made in our neoclassical villa in the cuisine and the servants' quarter.

Throughout the property there are many interesting and engaging ways to find out more about this history of sustainability: Find out interesting facts about the variety of foods in our orchard and brick kitchen garden. At the heart of our fellowship of our Heritage Lottery is a 1.3 million pound stake in the Heritage Lottery Fund, which will be formally launched in July 2018.

The mill has been carefully renovated, its history recounted by the miller's voices under the milling and turning of genuine machines that have been carefully revived. You' ll have the chance to listen to fascinating sound landscapes in our former abattoir, experience thrilling alimentary demos such as making cheeses and melted foods, and see colorful personalities from hundreds of years ago - don't be too slow for an audio-tape with Mr. Wiglesworth, the land agent!

Tatton Park held an flamboyant 1897 evening dance to celebrate Wilbraham Egerton's Earldom. Investigate the important part that the ministers played in the preparation of such an event and be amazed at the huge amounts of foods that are needed to nourish the people. For the first appearance, two recently acquired ballputz murals of Count and Countess Egerton and a reproduction of the Countess' outfit.

Maurice, Fourth Lord Egerton, bequeathed a permanent heritage to Kenya. It is a captivating show that examines the evolution of his lands in Africa and the history of his days in Kenya, where he is still well-loved. Featuring unique artifacts from his journeys in Africa to the detail of his manor, this exhibit gives a marvelous glimpse into the times and heritage of the last Lord Egerton in a land he loved and loved.

We have a full event schedule this past season - here are a few to keep you hungry - but please visit our event pages to see our complete list of thrilling workshop, shows and event dates. The Egerton household owned the manor for almost 400 years until it was donated to the National Trust in 1958.

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